02 October 2006
The Venture Outdoors Hash Harrange Hairy Squatter
25 September 2006
The Half-a-Paragraph Write-up Hash
18 September 2006
Labor Day Hash
The "What Game?" Hash
Cold Member and Blow Me
Dragnut and Just Steve
11 September 2006
The Looser On-Secs did not publish
a newsletter

04 September 2006
Sphinxter's Pool Party
28 August 2006
Oldzheimer's Hash Noah
21 August 2006
McCauley Falls Weekend Hash
Rex Erection
14 August 2006
Down to the River Hash
Beer Corner
Sweltering Fool Moon
Prick Her
07 August 2006
Duke's Step Master Hash
Duke of Hurl
31 July 2006
Buttermilk Falls Hash
Raspberry Bare Ass
24 July 2006
The Pisspot Hash
Erection Correction & Dragnut
17 July 2006
Swamp's Pulled Pork Hash
Swamp Bitch
10 July 2006
Stark Bangled Spankers Hash Whiff and Just Collette
03 July 2006
The Mystery Beer Stop Hash
BASH and Hash
Luke Fairy and Bit O' Honey
26 June 2006
Wherethefuckarewe Hash
Digger w/ Sherpies
19 June 2006
June Fool Moon
Home Alone Hash
Vespian Motor Cooter and WMD
Baby Spewie
12 June 2006
Weekend at Spermies
Thursday Pre-Lube
Friday Bachelorette Party
Saturday Ball Buster
Midnight Naked Run
Sunday Fat Boy Hash
*  *  *  *  *
Global Harriettes - Mark of the Breast

Golden Showers
Hairy Squatter?

KGB, Power Pump, Buffalo Nut, Prick Her
05 June 2006
Memorial Day Hash
28 May 2006
MegaHash 2006
Pine Nuts, Sexpak, and Diamond Jim
21 May 2006
Ken & Barbie Fool Moon Hash
Beer Lovers Hash
Hairy Squatter and Prickly Nipple
14 May 2006
Butt Job & Hand Wipe  8th Analversary
72 Virgins Hash
Hand Job and Butt Wipe
07 May 2006
Dead Man's Holler Hash
Death March
30 April 2006 Nameless Aimless Hash
Fuk Stik
23 April 2006
Passover Hashover
Too Loose
16 April 2006
Bagdad Occupation 3rd Anniversary Hash Duke of Hurl
09 April 2006
The Three Boobs Hash Sherpes and Dopple Wanker
02 April 2006
Boys will be Boyce Hash
Buffalo Nut and Bito Honey
26 March 2006
The Venal Obnoxious Hash
19 March 2006
Pick Your Poison Hash
Ides of Fool Moon
12 March 2006
Frozen Hillside, Muddy Ravine Hash
Sherpes and Spermit
05 March 2006
The PMS Hash
St David's Day Hash
Power Pump and Nex Tweak
26 February 2006
White Trash Hash
SexPak and Diamond Jim
19 February 2006
Hog Warts Hash
Lupercalia Hash
Hairy Squatter
12 February 2006
Super Bowel Hash
Hand Job and Butt Wipe
05 February 2006
I'd rather be in Filth......adelphia Hash
Golden Showers
29 January 2006
Love on the Rocks Hash
Beer Corner
Blow Me and Cold Member
22 January 2006
Stillers Play-off Hash
Friday the 13th Fool Moon
Whiff and Moon
15 January 2006
Elvis Hash Sherpes
08 January 2006
New Years Eve Hash Spermit and Moon
01 January 2006
Winter Solstice Contra Hash
Ho Ho Hash
Monica Blewinsky
25 December 2005 St. Dickless Fool Moon
Feast of Epona Hash
Diamond Jim
Golden Showers, Doggie Style, and Ragweed
18 December 2005 I Spy Hash
Holiday Peves
KGB and Alias
11 December 2005 Still at Large Hash
Golden Showers and Cold Member
04 December 2005 Cold Turkey Hash
27 November 2005
Wing Ding Fling Hash
Smells Like about time
Wing Ding
20 November 2005
Dogs Drool Hash
Fuk Stik
13 November 2005
DJ's Birthday Hash
Diamond Jim
06 November 2005
Halloween Hash
Poker Haunches and Folker
30 October 2005
UN Hash
Luke Fairy and Just Jake
23 October 2005
Toy Camp VII
Fool Moon
ToyBox and Pine Nuts
Moon and Rex Erection
16 October 2005 Blunder Down Under Hash
09 October 2005
A little 69   H A S H
Beer Corner
Swamp Bitch
02 October 2005
Great Race Par-tay

25 September 2005
R U?  Hash
Power Pump hangs the Fool Moon
Smells Good
Power Pump
19 September 2005
Bad Penny Hash
September Beer Corner
12 September 2005
Meet the Focker Hash
Mr Whiffers' Abecedarian Adventure
America's InterHash Report
Folker and Gaylord Focker
05 September 2005
Forty Acres and a Mule Hash
29 August 2005
Fool Sturgeon Moon
Noah's Arc de Triomphe Hash
KGB and Buffalo Nut
22 August 2005
Iraq Reconstituted Hash
Duke of Hurl
15 August 2005
Where's Ashley Hash Dick-a-day
08 August 2005
Bed Bug Hash
01 August 2005
Fool Duke Moon
Flight of Thunder Chicken
Marco Polo Hash
Duke of Hurl
Bit-o-Honey and Gutterball
Raspberry BareAss
25 July 2005
Tiki Hash
Prickly Nipple and Hairy Squatter
18 July 2005
Farewell to Ellwood's Hash
SexPak, Diamond Jim, and Swamp Bitch
11 July 2005
High as an Elephant's Eye Hash
04 July 2005
Double Your Pleasure Hash
ColdMember and Just Chas
27 June 2005
Kosmic Klusterf*ck Hash Whiff
20 June 2005
Hash o' Heat
ToyBox and Thunder Chicken
13 June 2005
Weekend of Mass Debauchery
Enigmatic Friday Night Hash
Cavernous Saturday Hash
Mid-Night Naked Run
Fat Boy Trail

Moon and Spermit
Golden Showers
Sherpes, KGB, WindyPops
Hairy Squatter and Prickly Nipple
30 May 2005
The Twisted Nut Hash
Twisted Sister and Buffalo Nut
23 May 2005
MegaHash VIII
DJ, Moon,
15 May 2005
Ragtime Romp
09 May 2005
Blimey, Limey Hash
Windy Pops
02 May 2005
Red Dress Run
April Beer Corner
24 April 2005
Hong Kong F-Uey Pine Nuts and Chu Toy
17 April 2005
Riddle of the Sphinx-ter
10 April 2005
Pine Nuts skips Moon's Hash
03 April 2005
Easter Hash
27 March 2005
Erie Flight 400
Whiff and Moon
20 March 2005
Spewey lewd-us and the nudes
March Beer Corner
Baby Spewey
13 March 2005
Duke of Hurl
06 March 2005
The PMS Hash
St David's Day Hash
Slomo, Swamp Bitch, Power Pump, Flower Box
27 February 2005
The Poochsicle Hash
Fool Hunger Moon
Sherpes, Golden Showers, Norton
Death March
20 February 2005
Valentines Hash Quiz
Power Pump
13 February 2005
Super Bowel
Butt Wipe and Hand Job
06 February 2005
Frankenstein Hash
Fool Wolf Moon
Swamp Bitch
Death March
30 January 2005
Drunken Cactus Hash
Shut Uuup
23 January 2005
Prohibition Hash
Whiff and Moon
16 January 2005
Animal Krackers Hash
09 January 2005
New Years Eve Hash
01 January 2005
Day After Christmas Hash
26 December 2004
Black Cat Winter Hash
December Beer Corner
19 December 2004
SexPak's Abandoned Write-up
12 December 2004
Fickle Moon's BASH
Let Them Eat Cake Hash
05 December 2004
Lunitics Revenge Fool Moon
Cold Turkey with Extra Gravy Hash
28 November 2004
The Trombone Hash
22 November 2004
Flash 'n Dash
14 November 2004
Fat Boy Hash
07 November 2004
Halloween Hash
Swamp Bitch
31 October 2004
The Doggie Style Hash
Chu Toy and Paper Trained
24 October 2004
Monster Bash
Surprise Hare Hash
Sticky Beaver
Power Pump and Buffalo Nut
17 October 2004
Toy Camp
Joe Dirt's Missing Write-up
Toy Box and Pine Nuts
Joe Dirt
10 October 2004
DeFlower Boxing Hash
Flower Box
03 October 2004
Great DisgRace Partee
Whiff's DisgRace-ful Redux
Up the Mount and Next to the Fool Moon
Where's Noah's Pleasure Craft
Isis and Gandalf
Spermit and Moon
26 September 2004
BiCurious Flood Hash
September Beer Corner
BiCurious George
20 September 2004
The Bush Wacker Hash
Just Ken
13 September 2004
If Meat is Murder Hash
Whiff and Pokerhaunches
06 September 2004
Fool Transition Moon
Joe Dirt's Extravaganza
Golden Shower
Joe Dirt
29 August 2004
Noah's Hash Picnic
22 August 2004
The Girlie Bash
The Outer Limits Hash
Rhoda Big'un
Too Loose
15 August 2004
Nixon 30 Year Resignation Hash
August Beer Corner
Duke of Hurl
09 August 2004
Wildflower Blue Moon Run
Last of the Nudicans Hash
Reecock and Manustration
02 August 2004
The Tits of Death Hash
Death March
25 July 2004
Hash Lite
Power Pump and Princess Labia
18 July 2004
In-duh-pendence Day Hash
Queer Eye for the Baked Thighs Hash
Spread^em and Luke Fairy
Guys Queer
11 July 2004 Fool HHH Moon
July Beer Corner
05 July 2004 Pine Nuts does Rachel Carson
Hawaii 5-0 Hash
um........Pine Nuts
Flasher and Nex Tweak
27 June 2004 Luminous Cats with Teeth Hash Whiff
21 June 2004 Wing Ding Hash Wing Ding
14 June 2004 1100th Thursday Night Pre-Lube
1100th Friday Night Special
1100th Saturday:  The Main Event
Officers Message
June Beer Corner
Spermit and Death March
Power Pump and Mr Plus Sizes
Sex Pak
06 June 2004 Memorial Day Hash Slomo
31 May 2004 Vietnam On the Monongahela Hash Death March
23 May 2004 Hansel & Gretel Hash Rex Erection
17 May 2004 Last Minute Hash Twisted Sister and Thunder Chicken
10 May 2004 MegaHash 2004
Alias Fool Moon
Swamp Bitch, Pine Nuts, Joey Sizes, Diamond Jim
02 May 2004 The Warren Commission Hash Dead Kennedy
25 April 2004 Lost Virginity Hash
April Beer Corner
Raspberry Bare Ass
18 April 2004 Lick & Dick Hash Lick&Run and Dick-a-Day
11 April 2004 World Wide Harriettes Hash
Fool Margarita Moon
Pittsburgh Harriettes
04 April 2004 Surrealistic Steps of Death Hash Bitchy Cuntingham
28 March 2004 Art Thou Hash Mountee
21 March 2004 Horn Revival Hash
The Lost St David's Day Hash Write-up
March Beer Corner

14 March 2004 The Hash of Biblical Abortions Moon & Weekend Gynecologist
06 March 2004 Leap Day Hash
St David's Day Hash
Swamp Bitch & Moon
Whiff & That Damn Lymee
29 Feb 2004 Life & Times of Hairy Squatter
Hash Horn History
February Beer Corner
Hairy Squatter
22 Feb 2004 Gay Valentines Hash Guy's Queer
15 Feb 2004 Full Hunger Moon
Ground Hog Hash
Power Pump
Buffalo Nut & Diamond Jim
08 Feb 2004 Super Bowel Hash Hand Job & Butt Wipe
01 Feb 2004 Arctic Blast Hash Mr Wankie TMST
25 Jan 2004 PORCident
January Beer Corner
Creamer & Weekend Gynecologist
17 Jan 2004 Ice Capades Hash Mr Plus Sizes
11 Jan 2004 StairMaster Hash
First Fool Moon of the Year
Sphinxter & Moon
04 Jan 2004 Sticky Beaver Hash
New Years Hash
Sticky Beaver
Spermit & Moon
28 Dec 2003 Winter Solstice Sphinxter
21 Dec 2003 Many Colored Hash
December Beer Corner
Golden Shower
14 Dec 2003 Bullet-Proof Hash
Full Cold Moon
Vesbian Motor Cooter
07 Dec 2003 Relative Thanksgiving HandJob & ButtWipe
30 Nov 2003 Light-Up Night Hash
Lawrenceville Beach Hash
Thanksgiving Pre-Lube
Power Pump & Duke of Hurl
Duke of Hurl
23 Nov 2003 KGB Hash
November Beer Corner
16 Nov 2003 Twelve Pack Hashes SexPak
09 Nov 2003 Half Ass Hash Rex Erection
02 Nov 2003 Fine 69 Costume Hash Swamp Bitch
26 Oct 2003 The Leaf Liability Hash
October Beer Corner
ToyBox & Thunder Chicken
19 Oct 2003 Lost Hunter Moon
Extra Virgin Hash
Just Robyn
12 Oct 2003 Duke's Dubious Daring
The Great disgRace Write-Up that Wasn’t
Duke of Hurl
↓ Moon
05 Oct 2003 The Great disgRace Moon
29 Sept 2003 Skippy's Hash Golden Shower & Power Pump
22 Sept 2003 Beer Factor 2003 Diamond Jim, Princess Labia, Buffalo Nut, Mr Plus Sizes
15 Sept 2003 Oakmont Pavement Festival
Fool Jurassic Moon
Princess Labia
08 Sept 2003 Labor Day Hash Folker
01 Sept 2003 Saltsburg Hashathon Rex Erection & Strap-on
25 August 2003 New Adventures of Raspberry Finn Raspberry Bare Ass
18 August 2003 Alice in Roger's Hood
Fool Red Moon
Mr Rogers
Death March
11 August 2003 Dick-a-day's Hash Dick-a-day
04 August 2003 Quecreek Anniversary Hash Pine Nuts & Manstruation
28 July 2003 Newbie Hash Diamond Jim & Nex Tweak
21 July 2003 Spurt Gun War Hash
Fool Moon Hash
Butterslut & Cavity Search
Mr Giggles
14 July 2003 Facts of Life Hash
Southside Impromptu Hash
Isis, Luke Fairy, & Suzy ChappedLips
Duke of Hurl
07 July 2003 Noah's Rainless Cookout Noah
29 June 2003 Crossing the Border Hash Just Paige
23 June 2003 Fool Moon Hash
Lessons in Darwinism Hash
Wing Ding
16 June 2003 Oriental Hash
Hash of the Pirates Revenge
1050th Friday Night Trail
1050th Live Hare, Dead Deer Hash
Cox Stroker & Princess Labia
Just Joey, JWalker, & Moon
Power Pump & Duke of Hurl
Diamond Jim & Bitchy