Save the Tatas, Hash for a Cure


Saturday, May 9th at 5PM
OTB Bicycle Cafe
2518 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Donation to "A local breast cancer organization" (aka Susan G. Komen) - $17 - no, we don't have change, so just donate $20 :)
Bring extra $$ and ID for trail
Hares: Moon and Pelvis Chestley
Start shopping for your pink dresses if you dont have any yet!

Pink Dress Pointers:

  1. All ladies AND gentlemen wear a pink dress - get shopping now!
    • If you're shy and don't want to show off your svelte figure, you should at least adorn some form of pink somewhere - visible. You want to blend in, don't you?
    • However, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when you fine lasses and lads get all decked out - think wigs, fishnets, know you want to.
  2. No need to pre-register. Sign up when you get to OTB and know that your donation is going to help "Save the Tatas"!!!
  3. Then we do a hash in our pink dresses. That means we follow a trail of flour, and drink alcoholic beverages.