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PITT H3 #156 – Ac Dc, Asshole by Semen, Cock In A Net @ Galaxy Lounge
Jan 18 @ 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Start/On-After: Galaxy Lounge (7246 Kelly St Pittsburgh, PA 15208, Homewood) Plenty of parking in their lot… and a nearby PGH parking lot on block. Also, the lounge offers beverages and a good amount food!
Shiggy: minimal/nearly any… um, it’s in Homewood
Dog-Friendly: Trail is dog-friendly, but the before/after is not (sorry!)

Oh yeah… leave your weaponry in the car… there is a metal detector at the bar.

Hash #1811 “Free Beer” Tittsburgh and Creamy @ Moon Park
Jan 20 @ 2:00 pm

Start: 2 at moon park, exact parking to be posted day of
Distance: 3.5 miles
Shiggy: 4 (lots of shiggy and some shallow stream crossings)
Hash Cash: $5

Free beer after-party:

4th Annual “Free Beer” Party


4th Annual “Free Beer” Party @ Tasty & Purple Sack's House
Jan 20 @ 7:00 pm

After PGH-H3’s 2:00 Trail @ Moon Park, hared by Titsburgh and Creamy, go to the 4th annual Free Beer, Pittsburgh edition!

Dinner, beer, party, beer, midnight snacks like last year.

There will be a fire pit outside for smokers to keep warm around. Firewood may be nice to bring.

Enjoy Flippy Strippy Cup in the basement where beer spills don’t matter.

If you’re bringing a ton of people, feel free to bring more beer.

Crash space always available, mostly floor so air mattress/sleep mats/pillows are recommended. If you want to ensure a bed, there are plenty of close hotels to choose from just a very short uber ride away.

Can’t wait to get shitfaced with my favorite people! ?

-Tasty Muff & Purple Sak

TN@ #29: Hariettes Needed!
Jan 24 @ 6:30 pm
Hash #1812 – High & Dry, WMD, Kant Spell Jill @ Rochester Inn
Jan 28 @ 2:00 pm

What: Joey and the Jillies went up the Hillies
When: Sunday, January 28 at 2PM
Where: Rochester Inn – Rochester Road, Pittsburgh, 15229
Hares: WMD, High & Dry and Kant Spell Jill
Who is Joey? Who are the Jillies? Joey is WMD. WMD has been MIA at Pgh hashes as his new hobby is shoveling snow in Eerie. One Jillie is blonde. Her hash name is High & Dry. The other Jillie is brunette. Her name is Kant Spell Jill.
“Joey and the Jillies went up the Hillies” This could be the title of a B-rate porn flick in WMD’s alternate universe, but we not going down that rabbit hole.
In reality, it’s a normal hash – no dresses, 4-5 miles, no worries of heat stroke, minimal trespassing and Sherpes will document the event with a couple hundred photos.
The fine print:
Trail is Fido friendly, après is not.
Hares are providing trail beer and snacks. No $5 hash cash as we ain’t feeding you at the apres. Order from the menu and then pry your purse open.
Problem with alcohol? Call the Pgh chapter of AA at 412-471-7472.
Intelligent questions? Call WMD at 724-816-0804.

Blue moon – Moon
Jan 31 @ 1:00 pm

PITT H3 #157 – The Gang Goes To The Strip Club @ Blush gentlemen's club
Feb 1 @ 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm

Hares: Porn Again

Hash #1813 – HARE NEEDED!!!
Feb 4 @ 2:00 pm
DC-Pittsburgh Skash Weekend @ Seven Springs Mountain Resort
Feb 9 – Feb 11 all-day

Your 69th (okay 5th, I think) SKASH weekend. Skiing, drinking, boozy tubing, drinking, ski trails, drinking, ru**ing trails, and drinking.

Seven Springs Mountain Resort, PA, 777 Water Wheel Dr, Champion, PA 15622, USA

Weekend of February 9-11

Skiers and boarders of all abilities and non-skier snow bunnies (yay boozy tubing!) are welcome. Sign up if you’re cumming on this handy sign-up spreadsheet here:

Two trails on Saturday. A DCPH4 ski/snowboard trail on the slopes during the day, and DarkSide Pittsburgh ru**ing trail the woods at night. Bring your lights and arctic hashing gear.

How Much:
There’s no rego. Trails are $5. See below for housing. Lift Tix price TBD

Hash #1814 – Bit of Honey and Alias
Feb 11 @ 2:00 pm

HASH #1814

WHEN: February 11, 2:00 PM

WHO: Bit of Honey and Alias

WHERE: The House of Alias

               125 Dewey Street

               Edgewood, 15218

Cell        412-260-3165

COST: Free, though old geezers like hugs

Old Geezer Hash, like hashing in the old days. It will be medium length, with only one beer stop, but it will be a wonderful beer stop! Some shaggy, some steps, maybe a cemetery, who knows.

The Apre will also be at Alias’s house, same address as above. Food and beer will be supplied. Circle will be done at the beer stop on the run however. Old time hashes actually had a lot of socializing done. I know that is a strange concept to many youngsters that talk to each other by texting even when they are in the same room, but we used to, in the old days, actually talk to each other while we guzzled beer and shared some food. If you don’t want to do that, you can get out of my yard (said the crotchety old man)!