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Hash #1787 – Whiff – The “Saving the Goddamn Hash” Hash 3:30 pm
Hash #1787 – Whiff – The “Saving the Goddamn Hash” Hash
Aug 5 @ 3:30 pm
#1787 The “Saving the Goddamn Hash” Hash Saturday, August 5 3:30pm (on-out 4pm) Hare: Whiff (412-979-3314) On-on: Panhandle Trailhead, 18 Walkers Mill Rd., Collier Twp. 15142 Apres: Alexion’s Grill, 141 Hawthorne St, Carnegie, PA 15106 …
Float & Bloat / PGH #1788
Float & Bloat / PGH #1788
Aug 12 – Aug 13 all-day
Moon’s nth annual Float-&-Bloat Let’s start with the history of F&B. Historically F&B is credited to Rexine. This gives Rex credit for haring while allowing Moon to satisfy his need to scout trail three days …
Hash #1789 – Noah 2:00 pm
Hash #1789 – Noah
Aug 20 @ 2:00 pm
Hash #1789 - Noah @ Verona | Pennsylvania | United States
Special note of the linked map and detour AVOIDING Plum St. and Hunter Rd is below, read it or beware of traffic trolls and such!!!! PLEASE NOTE … 1. The run starts in PENN HILLS …
Hash #1790 – Spinning Midget & Bitch in Heat & Death Marshall 2:00 pm
Hash #1790 – Spinning Midget & Bitch in Heat & Death Marshall
Aug 27 @ 2:00 pm
2pm. On-Out: 2:30pm Braddock’s Trail Park parking lot Apres: Rivertowne Brewing 14860 US30, North Huntingdon, PA 15642 Due to the limited parking at Braddock’s Trail Park, you may want to pre-lube at Rivertowne and carpool. …

Hash #1789 – Noah
Aug 20 @ 2:00 pm
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Special note of the linked map and detour AVOIDING Plum St. and Hunter Rd is below, read it or beware of traffic trolls and such!!!!


1. The run starts in PENN HILLS COMMUNITY PARK.

2. Forecast for Sunday is wet and scratchy. Even if your PI from F&B is cleared up by then, don’t toss your meds. You may need them again. And bring a dry bag and chair or blanket.

3. The linked map has you exiting Rt 28N at Delafield Rd. That route is valid. However, staying on one more exit to Fox Chapel Rd. is simpler. Sorry – I didn’t catch that when I built the map.

After 14 consecutive years hashing in/near Chez Noah we need to expand our horizons.

Apres still where it always is – 125 Springhouse Lane in Fox Chapel. Apres parking in nearby Presby Church lot at the corner of Fox Chapel & Field Club Roads (parking lot entrance on Field Club Rd). Bring a blanket, chairs and if you are inclined and PROMISE to watch after Fido and his/her “business”, bring them along as well.

Oh … I should mention – A DRY BAG – It IS Noah, after all.

NOTE: DO NOT LET YOUR GPS TAKE YOU TO THE PARK VIA PLUM ST. AND HUNTER RD. THEY ARE >>CLOSED<< FOR CONSTRUCTION. The alternate route on the linked map below will probably take you 15 minutes longer than you anticipate.,-79.8823778,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1s1R3z5dyqQmx-N41S53npE-ZhLgc8

H: 412.968.5834
C: 412.580.0137

Hash #1790 – Spinning Midget & Bitch in Heat & Death Marshall
Aug 27 @ 2:00 pm

2pm. On-Out: 2:30pm
Braddock’s Trail Park parking lot

Apres: Rivertowne Brewing 14860 US30, North Huntingdon, PA 15642

Due to the limited parking at Braddock’s Trail Park, you may want to pre-lube at Rivertowne and carpool. Check out their bloody mary special or special bloody marys.
Hash cash: $5

Hares: Death Marshall, Spinning Midget, BitchinHeat

PI Level: low

Shiggy Level: high

Dogs: Trail- dog utopia; Apres- not so much

FYI: Though you may be able to see the river, you won’t be crossing it

Hash #1791 – Gerbs and T-boner
Sep 4 @ 2:00 pm

It’s T-Boners and Dirty Gerbs’ Annual Double Beerthday Hash! With a theme, “Be Your Hash Name” Prizes awarded for Most Creative, Most Challenging, and Most Ridiculous interpretations of your own Hash name. (Seriously, what’s a Spermit?)

It’s $5 hash cash, doggos welcome, with a cookout picnic apres afterwards at our house. Bring a camp chair since we no longer have any grass for your ass. Park on W. North Ave somewhere near the Aviary for your convenience.

Hash #1792 – Fuk Stik
Sep 11 @ 6:30 pm

Time: 6:30 pm (pack away at 7)
Dog Friendly: Yes

2809 Brownsville Rd
Pittsburgh, Pa 15227

Contra: we’ll collect money for down downs.

Hash #1793 – Sphincter Control and Tasty
Sep 17 @ 2:00 pm

Tasty is celebrating her beerthday by teaching Sphincter Control how to lay his first trail.  Don’t miss it!


Two truths and a lie:

– It’s Tasty’s 29th birthday!

– Tasty had to rein in Sphincter for too much shiggy

– CJ Chugs will have some decent beer


CJ Chugs is cash only.  Lots of parking at Chugs, but overflow parking in the lot at Brinwood and Joseph.  On out at 2:30.


Hash cash: $5

PI: Low   Shiggy: Moderate   Hills: No, not in Pittsburgh!   Dogs: Probably not at the apres, will update soon,

Hash #1794 / Red Dress Run – ManGurglar, Cuffed & Battered & T-Bag
Sep 23 @ 1:00 pm – 10:45 pm
WHEN: September 23, 2017 1:00 PM On out at 1:69
WHERE: YMR – 631 Suismon St. Pittsburgh, PA 15212 (Deutschtown – west side of I279)
COST: $20 – Proceeds benefitting Bend Overture
WHAT: Pittsburgh Annual RED DRESS RUN!
WHO: ManGurglar, Cuffed & Battered & T-Bag
Please click here to get details and donate!

Pittsburgh’s Annual Red Dress Run is fast approaching! Start your red dress shopping and tell everyone you know, PGH RDR is on September 23! We want everyone to come out looking your very best as we strut our stuff around Pittsburgh’s North Shore while raising money for a great cause!

This year PGH H3 is raising money for one of our very own, and we are having a Ballgown Benefit for Bendy’s Boobies!

Bend Overture, a vibrant, young, harriette who has been hashing with Pittsburgh since 2009, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since her diagnosis in June, she has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment, to be followed by surgery and radiation therapy. We want to ensure that she remains focused on kicking cancers ass and getting her back on trail with us!

We hope to do this by alleviating some of her financial burdens, and allowing her to focus on what really matters; getting healthy. All proceeds from the RDR will be used towards medical costs and living expenses while she recovers.

We will have a private space at YMR Club so you’ll have a place to store your bag while we are out on trail. Food provided post trail and plenty of debauchery. Some stops on trail will be contra, please make sure to big some cash on trail with you.

New boot friendly!

Please rego  so we know who is coming. Payment is due upon arrival the day of the event.

Additional Donation Opportunity

We are raising additional funds that are not included in your rego price. To help sweeten the deal and get yinz to open your wallets we have some very special hashers lined up that are willing to bare it all. And when we say bare it all, we mean they are willing to shave their heads…Head! Who said head!

So for those of yinz that can’t make the event…Donate! For those that are and want to go above and beyond…Donate!

Please click here to get details and donate!

Hash #1795 – Sherpes-PDOH3 @ Birmingham Bridge Tavern
Oct 1 @ 2:00 pm

It started as a joke:  Cream of Mushroom making fun of all that recent frenetic activity of ex-halfminds announcing that they were forming their own kennels, and jokingly said “Sherpes, with all those map and compass hash trails you’ve been doing, you should form your own kennel”.  
Well, the joke then became real.  Yes.  Had Hung Like This known of Cream of Mushroom’s thoughts, he would have advised him “Don’t encourage him !!!”, but alas, it was too late, and the genie was out of the bottle.
So then out there in socialmediascape, the seed was germinated, and from crowdsourcing thoughts, the name settled to “Pittsburgh Dis Oriented Hash House Harriers” [credit:  Wroughten].
Next was to find the venue.  Having beat up the dead horse to death that was Frick Park (and yes, we don’t want anymore of those accidents of broken teeth falling on city sidewalks after having scoped the chicken farm in Cold Member’s residential estate), was looking at the possible mapped areas, and saw one that was no stranger to the city halfminds.  
So, maps will be handed out, and at Chalk Talk, the first checkpoint to reach will be revealed.  ‘Em halfminds, brave souls they are, will figure out how to reach the physical location by interpolating the marked checkpoint on the topographic map with the physical environment that surrounds them.  Too much thinking for a beer: “it’s a total disaster, believe me” will tweet our president, while wearing his #MHGA hat [Make Hashing Great Again].  Once reached that physical location, they will look around for a paper map hanging from a branch, taped on a wall or pole (Pole? Who Said Pole? #PRATH3).  On that map, the next checkpoint to reach will be marked.  ‘Em halfminds must either memorize or transpose or write on their own personal map that checkpoint, and then travel (walk/run/bike/auto/teletransport) to that physical location, and then repeat the above.  Until you find the beer.
This has been done before:  Boyce Park, Schenley Park, Frick Park.  And who remembers the first “Geo Hash”? it was Bitchy that did the same but instead of a paper map, we used a paper sheet with GPS coordinates written on it, at a time when owning a portable GPS device was the cool sceptre of the day, bestowing priesthood mantra to those that owned it. And I would speculate that PRATH3 is a mini-maphash, forcing halfminds to read instructions written on paper, posted on a pole, lookup maps and addresses, and teletransport to that location.
So, come down this Sunday and Get Lost.  Have no fear, as if you really need to know where the beer is without too much mind work, just show your tits to the hare and he will gallantly point to the beer. 
Hash #1796 – Plea Barkin’ and Just Pete
Oct 8 @ 2:00 pm

Emmerling Community Park, Cove Run Rd., Cheswick, PA 15024 at 2:00pm

Cheswick is a land of great suffering. Its natives are hardened by its hard and unforgiving landscape.

There may also be a contra stop on trail so some $$ may be a good idea, otherwise no hash cash needed.

There will be a Turkey and Eagle route(s), the Turkey route(s) will still have some hills and Shiggy–but nothing my three year old son can’t handle. Hopefully no one will want to do the Eagle. The Eagle will truly be a horrible experience.

Après will at Pizza Roma, 928 PA-910, Cheswick, PA 15024. According to their website, they have a huge craft beer selection, and I saw Yeungling Lager when I went inside, so that promise seems legit.

Pre-lube, trail beer and après pizza on hare. Après beer on you.

Hash #1797 / Purple Dress Run – Purple Princess
Oct 14 @ 2:00 pm

Who: Purple Princess

What: A Purple Dress Run to celebrate Purple Princess’ Beerthday and 10th Analversary of Hashing

Where: 5801, Ellsworth Ave, Shadyside

When: Saturday 10/14, @ 2PM

So THERE I was (no shit)…perusing the internet for cool shit to do in Pgh, when I happened upon some pics of my buddy Fuk Stik (before I knew he was Fuk Stik) drinking beer and running. So the next time I saw him at my watering hole I asked about these pics, and what hashing is. He got a shit eating grin, and four pitchers later my young mind was filled with all kinds of shenanigans and events, none of which I remember but obviously it made an impression. He claims to have mentioned not to wear new shoes. I seriously don’t remember this despite his adamant claims to the contrary.
Arriving at my first hash, I see Spermit, and he not only sees a newbie, but a newbie wearing brand new shoes. This was 10 beautiful years ago, with my 1st trail on 9/20/07. What better way to celebrate not only my analversary, but my 45th beerthday as well? I bribed two hashers with beer and the promise of an awesome trail (because if there’s one thing I’m known for, it’s an awesome trail).
So THERE she was, Bitch in Heat, who decided that she couldn’t live with herself if this trail went sideways, and decided to make sure all went well, since our last trail was such a hit it’d be a shame to tarnish that reputation.
So THERE he was, Purple Sack-Purple Sac, who had no idea what he was getting into and decided he’d like to cohare. Hah, silly boy.
Come enjoy the Purple Dress Run on Saturday, October 14th, at 2pm @ 5801, Ellsworth Ave, Shadyside. Why? Because there just aren’t enough dress runs in a year, that’s why. Also because 5801 is awesome.
Trail is doggy friendly, apres isn’t. Trail is semi contra, hounds will need to buy their own food at apres.
Questions, comments, concerns…Purple Princess 412-432-9807
Horny, sexual therapy, hookups…Purple Sac-Purple Sac 412-216-7715

Hash #1798 – Moon and lips hash/bash @ Hitchhiker Brewing
Oct 21 @ 3:30 pm

Who: Lips/moon

Where: Hitchhiker Brewery in Sharpsburg
1500 S Canal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15215

When: Sat, 10/21, @ 3:30PM

Saturday Bash and Hash Details:
Saturday, Oct. 21st at 3:30
Hitchhiker Brewery in Sharpsburg
1500 S Canal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15215
Hash trail is ~6 miles, A-B, Contra(You Pay)
Bike trail is ~8 miles, A-A, Contra as well.
Bikers will need a hybrid or mountain bike, helmet and a light to be happiest.
There may be some hike-a-biking.

Acrophobes may need some assistance. Coulrophobes should stay home.

Hares Lips and Moon: 412-310-3741