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PITT Beer Mile @ Schenley Oval
May 16 @ 8:30 pm

Test your speed and stomach at the semi-annual PITT H3 Beer Mile!

4 laps, 4 beers, and a whole lot of entertainment.

This is open to all, so bring your friends. Mediocre qualifying beer will be provided to contestants, but feel free to bring your own if you have standards.

*PITT H3 is not responsible for your poor life choices. All bodily harm and puking from participating is on you. Make sure to have a ride home, absolutely do not drink and drive.

Pittsburgh’s Beerfest Weekend 2019 @ Frazer Fire Hall
May 31 @ 2:00 pm – Jun 2 @ 2:00 pm
Pittsburgh's Beerfest Weekend 2019 @ Frazer Fire Hall | Tarentum | Pennsylvania | United States

Grab your tightest Dirndl and brush up on your favorite drinking songs, because the Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers is having BEERFEST!

As the great Barry Badrinath once said “I’m better when I’m drunk.”

Besides schnitzels and wieners, your weekend will be filled with all kinds of cool shiza!

Rego includes: Friday & Saturday trails, bottomless beer, 5 delicious meals (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner, and Sunday breakfast), Friday Night Beer Exchange, BeerFest Olympics, Costume contest, Dancing, Skits, Haberdashery, Endless dress-up possibilities, as well as a very nice place to pitch your tent!

The campground is entirely private, a short drive outside of the city, and there are hotels nearby if you’d rather sleep indoors.

Registration Info:
Early Bird Special: $80 until 2/28
Regular Rate: $90 until 4/30
Late Rabbit Rate: $100 until May 30
Walk-up Rate: $120


Camping stuff, beer for the Craft Beer Exchange, wine for the wine share, your best/worst german themed attire

Hash #1892 Red Dress Run 2019 Slutty Princesses – SleE-Z Pass, Just Dana, and Anal Eaze @ Allegheny Elks Lodge
Aug 24 @ 12:00 pm

Cum One Cum All to the 2019 Pittsburgh’s Red Dress Run!!

Channel your inner princess by donning your best red dress! There will be BEER, trail, singing, dancing, and did I say BEER? Trail will be between 3-4 miles ish, on-out and apres at Elks Lodge. Trail will be walker friendly as a princess wants to look extra fabulous out on the streets of Pittsburgh. We have the the place from 12 till 6:30PM so meet-up at 12 on out at 1PM. Bring cash for the prelube and on after. There is a cash bar (ATM on site) at the start and end. Possible contra stop as well. Walk ups are welcome but rego is fast and easy just like Dana. We will have raffle baskets and a dollar dance with Dana. Plus an extra fund for Purple ( see below).

On a side note, as many of you know Purple just recently got injured on trail and will need some assistance, we will be taking side donates for him at this event. We have something special for him that will be at RDR.

The hares will each bring a dish to share with everyone so please bring an item to share as well and spice up the variety!!!!—(glutards, vegans, chocolate haters and any other food allergens please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate/ not kill you.)

FIDO: The Elks is not doggo friendly

Hash Cash- $20-proceeds will be donated to Allegheny Elks Lodge.
Cost Includes: Trail, Trail beer and food. Prelube and On-After beers are on you.

After trail and food at the Elks we will be keeping the party going by moving over to Mike’s Beer Bar right down the road at Boggs Building LP, 110 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Hash #1911 Anal Eaze and Moon – NYE TRAIL & PARTY – Moons 10 Year Plan (Don’t Be Scared) @ Hop Farm Brewing
Dec 31 @ 6:00 pm

Calling all you space cowboys, holographic dudettes, and future farmers of America! Come on out for some hashy fun and ring in 2020 hoedown style!

Where: THE DOOR NEXT TO the Hop Farm entrance. Knock twice, say the secret passphrase: On-On, Moon’s queer, beer here!

Pitt and Pittsburgh trail collaboration featuring hares: Moon and Anal Eaze

Trail: Gather at 6pm, on out at 7pm

What’s included: trail, beer, food, beer, music, beer, luxurious indoor camping, morning bloody mary bar, beer, dancing, and overall debauchery!

On-after: 9ish to eat some food, drink beer, and get the damn party started!

Cost: $20 ($5 for trail, $15 for annual dues) Rego now by going here.

Hash #1921 – St. David’s Day Hash @ Mike's Beer Bar
Mar 1 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

The Ultimate St. David’s Day Hash or St. David’s Day Turns 21!

Hare: Whiff (412-979-3314)

This is it – St. David turns 21, old enough to drink and buy smokes. Time to kick him out of the nest. Let’s give the ol’ buggerer a rousing send-off in proper hash tradition, with multiple beer stops and general clusterfuckage. Bring cash for stuffing into G-strings or bus fare – I haven’t decided which yet. I’m leaving my pooch at home – I suggest you do the same. If you want to make it costume-themed, wear your best dragon outfit to honor Idris, the Welsh dragon mascot.

April Fools! Hash
Apr 1 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

April Fools! Hash

Hares: Donkey Ho Te, T-Bag, Defender of Peedom

Watch this space for more info!

Hash #1933 – License to Swill ft. The Girl with the Golden Buns
May 29 – May 31 all-day

It’s the 40th analversary of Pittsburgh H3, the worst running club in western Pennsylvania!  Traditionally, the 40th anniversary is celebrated with rubies, but instead we’re going GOLD, baby!  Gold means value, which means $$$, which means it will be a hoity toity, VIP, exclusive affair full of sexy intrigue.  Just the kind of shindig James Bond himself would feel lucky to be ordered bust into.  Now, in lieu of an overwrought campout description incorporating various Bond tropes, here is a list of tortured genre puns and THEN a traditional weekend itinerary.  You’re welcome.

  1.  Dr. No Means No
  2. Goldfinger? I don’t even know her!
  3. Thunderbald
  4. Ewe Only Live Twice
  5. On Her Vajesty’s Secret Service
  6. Diamonds Are Forever, Circle Lasts Longer
  7. Live and Let Dye, the Easter Egg Story
  8. The Man with the Golden Dick
  9. Poonraker
  10. For Your Thighs Only
  11. A View to a Krill
  12. GoldenEye, Yes I Would!
  13. The World Is Hot Enough
  14. Dye Another Day, the year without an Easter
  15. Quantum of Sore Ass
  16. Spectre? I don’t even know her!

But what can I expect at this weekend campout?
Event haberdashery, Thursday Prelube, Friday Trail, Friday Beer Share, Saturday Trail, Hash Olympdicks – Casino Grand Mal, Beer Mile, Shower Concierge, Skits & Dancing, Bond/Villain/Girl costume contest, Bonfire, Midnight (or earlier!) shot quest trail, Sunday Zippy (TM) trail for wankers.

What can I expect to pay for this bounty of food, friends, and entertainment?
$70 until 2/29 (Leap Day!)
$80 until 3/31
$90 until 4/30 LAST DAY FOR HAB
$100 until 5/28
$120 at the Gate

Dogs, guns, teenagers, generators, campers bigger than a pop-up, and SPECTRE operatives.

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