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Hash #1906 – Spermit @ South Park Club House
Dec 1 @ 2:00 pm

Is it a Salmon Permit, or a Sperm that’s a Hermit?  Find the answer this and other interesting questions.  No hash cash.

Trail is dog-friendly, but the bar is not. Trail and bar are baby-friendly. Maybe a water crossing…agile folks dry, not so agile one foot wet, no jumping ability, both feet wet.

Hare hotline: 412.833.5599

Hash #1907 – Porn Again Christian’s Festivus @ Casa de Caca
Dec 7 @ 12:00 pm

The days are getting longer and the tempers are getting shorter. There is a subtle taste of salt in the air. That must mean it’s almost time to celebrate Festivus. This year Cream of Mushroom and Porn Again Christian have teamed up to lay a trail of salt, sweat, and blood (no flour will be harmed in the laying of this trail). Trail will start sharply at 1pm. You will not want to be late for this. Trail will not be fiddo friendly in the least.

As per usual the hares will provide a few kegs, some food, and a place to party afterwards. If you are planning on partying in to the night I would recommend some backup beer for when the kegs are kicked. No hash cash but a small side dish or something would be awesome. New feets of strength are always accepted as well.

Gather at 12, on out at 1.

If any gimps out there want to drive the beer wagon holla at yo boi.

Hash #1908 – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Beer Near… @ White Eagle
Dec 15 @ 2:00 pm

Co-hared by Just Melissa and professor emeritus Honey Nut Squirreleo.

Are you ready to take off to the North Pole, where the beer is always cold? Trail should be dog friendly, probably even kid friendly. A few good girls and boys may get their stockings stuffed. Food a-plenty at on-after, $5 hash cash or else coal in your solo cup.

Hash #1910 – Homosexual Equine Cavorting @ Waffalonia Youngstown
Dec 29 @ 2:00 pm

Sup half-minds. Come one, come all (but probably few) to the first ever PGH hash to be hosted in, you guessed it – YOUNGSTOWN, OH. You can make here in an hour if you really put you’re heart into it. Safety third!

There was enough interest (kind of) and let’s be honest y’all needed hares. So join Geost Geoff and I for a mostly flat, doggo friendly, and mostly contra tour of Pittsburgh’s sister city.

On out and after will be at our house. We will have snacks and local beers.

I will also be reaching out to Akron and Cleveland? Idk. We are winging this real hard ???

Ps, there’s plenty of parking but y’all should car pool.

TN@#55: Ear of the Sperm and Dirty Gerbil @ Hop Farm Brewing Company
Jan 22 @ 6:30 pm

Let’s give Hop Farm some love for being excellent hosts for our NYE antics.
Gather at 6:30 PM and on out at 7:00 PM.

TN@ trails happens every 28 days and are ladies only.

TN@#56: Yeast Confectionz and Oodles of Dudes Noodles @ Broad St. Bistro
Feb 19 @ 7:00 pm
Welcome to Yeasty’s inaugural TN@ out of her home bar. Trail is A to A Prime.
We’re not saying where we are ending but Yeasty may live there.
On Out at 7:30 due to remote start location.
Head lamps, reflective gear, and specimen bags encouraged.
Trail is dog and small human friendly, The starting location not so much.
Small humans are allowed in the bar if they get a drink.


So come to end of trail hungry. Or bring to go containers.

One of the benefits to living with a chef. You say you’ll have hungry ladies at end of trail and he makes a vegetarian menu to include everybody!

TN@ trails happens every 28 days and are ladies only.
Hash #1921 – The Three Amigos Verdes @ Smokin' Joe's
Mar 7 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Hared by Cum On My Tits, HLT, and T-Bag.

Gather at 1, out at 2.

We’ll be doing Green Dress a little different this year.  The event will be just like a normal run, except…wait for it…people will wear Green Dresses.

Hared by Cum On My Tits, HLT, WOH, and T-Bag.
We’ll be doing Green Dress a little different this year. The event will be just like a normal run, except…wait for it…people will wear Green Dresses.

There will be:
no rego………………….……yes green dresses
no hash cash……………….yes incoherent chalk talk
no charity……………….……yes trail including light shig
no food*………………………yes contra stop(s)*** BEER!
no puppers……………….….yes apres including silly songs and BEER!
no little leprechauns**……yes SHENANIGANS!

*If you want to order your own food from Smokin’ Joes before trail, they can plan for it to be ready for you when we return.
**One beer stop is not kid-friendly, the rest should be fine, but consider at your own risk. Trail is not stroller-friendly.
***Bring ID and $

Wondering if your shoes match your purse? Contact Moon
Other Questions? Good ?uck contacting the Hares

March Fool Moon – Purim Hash @ Squirrel Hill Cafe
Mar 10 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Impromptu, costumes encouraged.

Jul 30 @ 6:30 pm
Aug 13 @ 6:30 pm