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Hash #1906 – Spermit 2:00 pm
Hash #1906 – Spermit @ South Park Club House
Dec 1 @ 2:00 pm
Is it a Salmon Permit, or a Sperm that’s a Hermit?  Find the answer this and other interesting questions.  No hash cash. Trail is dog-friendly, but the bar is not. Trail and bar are baby-friendly. …
PITT H3 #211 6:30 pm
PITT H3 #211 @ Coach's bottleshop
Dec 5 @ 6:30 pm
All right you salty bitches. It’s the Festivus pre-lube. What better way to get your asses fired up than have a trail in the South Hills?! Don’t have any grievances to air at Festivus yet? …
Hash #1907 – Porn Again Christian’s Festivus 12:00 pm
Hash #1907 – Porn Again Christian’s Festivus @ Casa de Caca
Dec 7 @ 12:00 pm
The days are getting longer and the tempers are getting shorter. There is a subtle taste of salt in the air. That must mean it’s almost time to celebrate Festivus. This year Cream of Mushroom …
TN@ 3rd Annual PAP! 6:00 pm
TN@ 3rd Annual PAP!
Dec 13 @ 6:00 pm
TN@ 3rd Annual PAP!
Our annual TN@ party where all the fun, good things happen! 6:00 PM Crafting Pre-Lube at Rock Bottom 7:00 PM Crafting at Paint Monkey (see below for details) 9:00 PM Bar Crawl! (Locations will be …
Hash #1908 – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Beer Near… 2:00 pm
Hash #1908 – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Beer Near… @ White Eagle
Dec 15 @ 2:00 pm
Co-hared by Just Melissa and professor emeritus Honey Nut Squirreleo. Are you ready to take off to the North Pole, where the beer is always cold? Trail should be dog friendly, probably even kid friendly. …
TN@#54: Bitchin Heat & Oodles 6:30 pm
TN@#54: Bitchin Heat & Oodles @ Jingle Bar
Dec 18 @ 6:30 pm
TN@ trails happen every 28 days and are ladies only.
PITT H3 #212 – A Very Whaley Xmas 6:30 pm
PITT H3 #212 – A Very Whaley Xmas @ Tramp's
Dec 19 @ 6:30 pm
It’s (almost) the darkest day of the year, so bring a headlamp! This is also the last Pitt H3 trail of the decade. White whale gift exchange following circle, $4 limit. Start is at Tramp’s …
Hash #1909 – Admiral Norton’s Sherpa Gets a Cold Member 2:00 pm
Hash #1909 – Admiral Norton’s Sherpa Gets a Cold Member
Dec 22 @ 2:00 pm
Admiral Norton’s Sherpa gets a Cold Member Theme: Explorer, Naval, or Dogsled Attire Hares: Sherpes, Norton, and Cold Member Location: Hough’s Taproom, 543 Greenfield Ave, Pittsburgh Time: Gather at 2pm, On Out at 2:30
DarkSide #57 – HARE NEEDED 6:30 pm
DarkSide #57 – HARE NEEDED
Dec 26 @ 6:30 pm
DarkSide #57 - HARE NEEDED
Who: HARE NEEDED Where: TBD When: Dec 26 Why: To run a harder, longer trail and enjoy the shit out of it!   Twas the day after X-mas, and all through the town Some crazy …
Hash #1910 – Homosexual Equine Cavorting 2:00 pm
Hash #1910 – Homosexual Equine Cavorting @ Waffalonia Youngstown
Dec 29 @ 2:00 pm
Sup half-minds. Come one, come all (but probably few) to the first ever PGH hash to be hosted in, you guessed it – YOUNGSTOWN, OH. You can make here in an hour if you really …
Hash #1911 Anal Eaze and Moon – NYE TRAIL & PARTY – Moons 10 Year Plan (Don’t Be Scared) 2:00 pm
Hash #1911 Anal Eaze and Moon – NYE TRAIL & PARTY – Moons 10 Year Plan (Don’t Be Scared) @ Hop Farm Brewing
Dec 31 @ 2:00 pm
Calling all you space cowboys, holographic dudettes, and future farmers of America! Come on out for some hashy fun and ring in 2020 hoedown style! Where: THE DOOR NEXT TO the Hop Farm entrance. Knock twice, …

PITT H3 #206 @ Duck Hollow
Oct 10 @ 6:30 pm

Wheelbarrow Willie, Schoolhouse Cock, and Yust Youlian taking over the trail formerly known as Purple Princess’ shitshow.

Meet us at the Duck Hollow Parking lot. Hares will provide pre-trail beverages, some of which might even be drinkable. Hares have declared the trail proper to be an IPA-free zone since life is too short to drink pine needles flavored with underarm sweat. Picky wankers should BYOB.

Trail is Fido friendly.

Hash #1899 – Fool Moon Double Header @ Jamison's
Oct 13 @ 2:00 pm

Hared by Green Mile and Dick A Day.

Urban/shiggy, dog friendly, but watch out for killer burrs!

Beer Mile @ Schenley Oval
Oct 17 @ 8:00 pm

Join us for our fine fall tradition on October17th: PittH3 will provide the (cheapest) regulation beer, you bring the will to not puke. Bring your own fancy drinks if you don’t trust our selection. Don’t want to compete? Come cheer on your friends and enjoy the free entertainment! Coming dressed up in a costume is highly recommended!

Hash #1900 – 2 Little, 2 L8 (née Zombeaze) Hash @ Buffalo Wild Wings
Oct 20 @ 2:00 pm

Cum and join your hares, Cock, Anal, and Shameless, on the trail that almost wasnt. As long as you have low expectations and shiggy socks, you won’t be disappointed. Trail is probably more dog- friendly than baby-friendly.

PITT H3 #207 – Early Halloween @ Coughlin's Law
Oct 24 @ 6:30 pm

Running for beer just became a whole lot harder now that the Killer Klaws from Outer Space are upon us. Disturbed that Hot Girl Summer was ending and people were going to forget about them, the hard seltzers from beyond have descended upon Pitt-H3 to terrorize your Halloween. The good news is that the first rule of hashing now is: THERE AIN’T NO LAWS WHEN YOU’RE DRINKING THE CLAWS!

Prepare for the invasion at Coughlin’s Law in Mount Washington. Happy hour 5-7, but why the hell would you order any of that when you’re drinking White Claw anyway?

Some important items of note for trail
1. As usual on Halloween this is a costume trail. Show up in your October best or face the Klaws’ wrath. Best of Worst of Dumbest of Etc of Costume Awards possibly at RA’s discretion with his great and unmatched wisdom.
2. Dogs should be OK, but there will be a pumpkin/bat split on trail, and all pooches will be REQUIRED TO TAKE THE PUMPKIN SPLIT. No exceptions.
3. Bring $2.75 cash on trail or a ConnectCard with $2.50 value on it…what a mystery no one will EVER guess what that is for.
4. On after is at the start bar, Coughlin’s Law. Kitchen open until 11pm. The Klaws’ are very intent on bringing locked down on-afters back to Pitt H3 people!

Contact the hares with any questions. Shameless, Double Stuffed, Scrum.

Hash #1901 – Backwards Beer Mile @ Big Jim's
Oct 27 @ 2:00 pm

Prepare to blaze a new trail. Someone is going home with a record. Bring your pioneering spirit, you might find yourself going in new and scintillating directions.

DarkSide #55 – Sticky Beaver @ Primanti Brothers (Harmar)
Oct 28 @ 6:30 pm
Who: Sticky Beaver
Where: Primanti Brothers (Harmar), 6 Anchor Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, USA
When: Oct 28th
Why: To run a harder, longer trail and enjoy the shit out of it!
Your feet will get wet, bring a dry bag for after.
There will be one additional contra stop on trail, bring cash if you want a beer there.
TN@#52: Oodles, Fanny & Just Heather
Oct 30 @ 6:30 pm

Trick or Teat! Come to the fourth annual spooooky cemetery trail at Oodles’ place. Have you done this trail before? Yes! Who doesn’t like déjà vu? No dogs in the house, no dinner served this year. Free beer for best costume!

TN@ trails happen every 28 days and are ladies only.

Hash #1902 – In Defense of Peedom @ Casa de PeeGurglar
Nov 3 @ 2:00 pm
Who: Defender of Peedom
Where: Casa de PeeGurglar
When: November 3, 2019 @2:00 pm
UHAUL leaves promptly @2:30 pm
Please carpool if possible. Try not to take my neighbor’s parking spots, they usually have family over on Sundays, so please be respectful. If you have to walk a block from your parking spot to my house get over it, you’re hashers and that’ll probably be the easiest part of your day.
Its only been 8 weeks since the birth of our second daughter, the house is in shambles, we’re tired, and I literally can’t even right now…. Yet somehow, my charming wife talked me into haring. I’ve had months to plan this, so there’s one thing you can be sure of, I waited to the absolute last second to put something together.  After a solid  20 minutes of scouting I’ve compiled a short list of things you’re likely to find on trail:
Deer parts
Deer poop
Deer meat
Deer ticks
Also some things you’re likely to hear:
“Oh I remember when we were here in [insert date]”
“At least, we’re not in the Uhaul anymore.”
“Ugh why am I here?”
“Ugh why was I even born?”
“Why was Defender even born?”
Trail probably isn’t kid friendly, unless you don’t love them, In which case, totally bring em.
Dog friendly?  Yeah, I just don’t want them in my house.
Hasher friendly? Of course, I just don’t want them in my house.
If there’s bad weather trail will be treacherous,  if it’s good weather it’ll be a little less treacherous.
We will have food, drinks, fire and more after trail.
$5 hash cash… I’ve got kids to feed.
PITT H3 #208 ThanksKilling— ICP, Just Nick, and El’ Concockedor @ Bull Dogs Pub
Nov 7 @ 6:30 pm

ThanksKilling Trail

Cum join ICP, Just Nick, and El’ Concockedor

The turkeys have grown tired of Thanksgiving and decided to summon the mighty turkey warrior Turkie to slay anyone who dares venture into the woods at night. Beware of roosting turkeys who may leap down from above to snatch your fellow hashers. Flashlights and yelling On-on are known to repel the beast, also forks and knives. There will be beer, flour, hills, flat areas, trees and shrubs, and did we mention killer turkeys?

On after at Bulldogs, kitchen open till 11. Bring a light object.