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P3-H3 (Kids hash) – Mister Weasel
May 5 @ 2:00 pm

Here we go year number four.

What: Mexican culture trail
When: 5/5/2019 @ 2pm
Where: TBD in Frick Park
Why: To celebrate the victory of the Mexican army over the French
How: Miles and Margaritas.

Hare: Mister Weasel

P3H3: AS Trail @ D's 6 Pack & Dogs
Jul 3 @ 7:45 pm – 8:45 pm

Here we again! Same Bat-place, same Bat-time Show up when you want. 08:00 – Hare out 08:10 – Pack out Trail is ~5k, no stops, 6 pack circle, you can be home in bed by 10.

Hash #1916 – Superb Owl Trail! @ Four Mile Run Park
Feb 2 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

It is that time of year when we celebrate owls, and how great they are, by running trail, drinking beverages, consuming food, and watching whatever sports thing is on the telly.

This is a joint venture of P3H3 and PGH-H3, were going to wing circle somehow in a child free zone, I guess. We will also be celebrating the Shining’s birthday. (He’ll be five)

Start of trail will be in “Four Mile Run Park”, which is the fancy name for the field across the street from Big Jim’s.

Hare: Sticky with Hope, with support from the best mismanagement team a kennel has ever had. (Weasel)

What: Strigiformes Superior day
When: February 2nd @3 pm
Why: It is Groundhog’s day, the Shining’s birthday, and Superb Owl Sunday.
How: now brown cow.

Trail will be followed by a par-tay at Sticky’s secret party house. There is a separate event for that, so that you can RSVP or trail, for the party, or both (or neither) and we can keep meaning full cranium-counts. (See facebook for RSVP options.)