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Leap Day Hash – Flicker & Cox Stroker @ Evergreen Cafe
Feb 29 @ 2:00 pm

Hares: Flicker & Cox Stroker

Where: Evergreen Café, 7330 Penn Ave, Pgh 15208

$5.00 Hash cash and….

You will need money on trail for one beer stop.

This day cums only once every 4 years so you don’t want to miss because you won’t see it again till 2024.

Leaping will be considered perfectly acceptable hash behavior.

Flicker 412-735-1564

Cox Stroker 412-999-808

April Fools! Hash
Apr 1 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

April Fools! Hash

Hares: Donkey Ho Te, T-Bag, Defender of Peedom

Watch this space for more info!

Hash #1933 – License to Swill ft. The Girl with the Golden Buns
May 29 – May 31 all-day

Rego here:

It’s the 40th analversary of Pittsburgh H3, the worst running club in western Pennsylvania!  Traditionally, the 40th anniversary is celebrated with rubies, but instead we’re going GOLD, baby!  Gold means value, which means $$$, which means it will be a hoity toity, VIP, exclusive affair full of sexy intrigue.  Just the kind of shindig James Bond himself would feel lucky to be ordered bust into.  Now, in lieu of an overwrought campout description incorporating various Bond tropes, here is a list of tortured genre puns and THEN a traditional weekend itinerary.  You’re welcome.

  1.  Dr. No Means No
  2. Goldfinger? I don’t even know her!
  3. Thunderbald
  4. Ewe Only Live Twice
  5. On Her Vajesty’s Secret Service
  6. Diamonds Are Forever, Circle Lasts Longer
  7. Live and Let Dye, the Easter Egg Story
  8. The Man with the Golden Dick
  9. Poonraker
  10. For Your Thighs Only
  11. A View to a Krill
  12. GoldenEye, Yes I Would!
  13. The World Is Hot Enough
  14. Dye Another Day, the year without an Easter
  15. Quantum of Sore Ass
  16. Spectre? I don’t even know her!

But what can I expect at this weekend campout?
Event haberdashery, Friday Trail, Friday Beer Share, Saturday Trail, Hash Olympdicks – Casino Grand Mal, Beer Mile, Shower Concierge, Skits & Dancing, Bond/Villain/Girl costume contest, Bonfire, Midnight (or earlier!) shot quest trail, Sunday Zippy (TM) trail for wankers.

What can I expect to pay for this bounty of food, friends, and entertainment?
$80 until 2/29 (Leap Day!)
$90 until 4/30 LAST DAY FOR HAB
$100 until 5/28
$120 at the Gate

Dogs, guns, teenagers, generators, campers bigger than a pop-up, and SPECTRE operatives.