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*** Pittsburgh H3 Quarantine Guidelines ***

Quarantine Haring Guidelines

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PITT H3 #219 T-Boner @ Schenley @ Four Mile Run Park (next to Big Jim's)
Oct 8 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Hares: T-Boner and Party Boob
Join T-Boner and live-trail-haring-virgin Party Boob for a mess of a trail around Schenley Park that will leave you wanting more quarantine.
Read the new safety rules for trails:
We’ll be handing out our fancy new color-coded consent bands. You’ll be required to sign in and provide your phone number. We’ll also be checking temperatures at sign-in. Do not forget your mask!
For the beer stops, the hares will be buying beer and individually wrapped snacks days before trail and storing them sealed. Circle beer will be provided by the new beermeister. It hasn’t been touched in months, and after a topping-off, it will not be touched again for several days before trail, except for icing. If you are concerned at all, just bring your own beer and snacks on trail. You will be responsible for your own trash. Bring a bag to clean up after yourself.