3rd Anal Hasher Night at PNC Park

August 20, 2018 @ 4:00 pm

3rd Anal Hasher Night at PNC Park

WHEN: Monday, August 20 4pm – ? (extra innings, ya know)
WHERE: Same as it ever was… Red Lot 7b (625 Martindale St Pgh PA)
COST: $23 including ticket or $5 for tailgate party alone

Well, another year, another annoying tailgate party hosted by yours truly, Sweetums with help from Sex Pack, VueGina and whatever other fools who happen to blunder in along the way.

What disaster awaits us this year? We’ve already locked the keys in the SUV and had a ticket mixup… Rain? Brush with Police? Clint Hurdle gets outted? Come and find out…

Once again after the party we will be visiting Pittsburgh’s Biggest Restaurant to hear overly loud snippets of music and watch pictures of other diners waving at us on a giant video screen positioned roughly a quarter mile away.

Oh yeah, there will also be what these days passes as a baseball game played by highly trained millionaire super athletes. Expect about three and a half hours of colorfully dressed men standing around waiting for something to happen but we will fill the time drinking expensive beer and cheering loudly because that’s what people do at this restaurant when they’re bored.

In case anyone cares, the “Pirates” will be battling the “Braves”. WTF that means is anyone’s guess. Sounds kind of racist to me.

For $23 you’ll get a ticket to the “baseball game” and beer plus burgers, hot dogs and whatever else at the tailgate party. Yeah, that’s a lot to pay for so little but at least there won’t be any requirement to run for the beer. Instead, you get to stand around drinking all night talking gibberish with other drunken idiots which is all you really want to do anyways. It’s hashing without all the work.


This year the Never Leave Camp Crowd can pay $5 and just attend the party.

BTW, in case of rain, we’ll probably all be better off… The tailgate area is under cover.