Darkside #33 – Mushroom

November 18, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
Narco's House
127 Mairdale Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15214





Hares: Cream of Mushroom, Asshole by Semen

Where: 127 Mairdale Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15214

Hash Cash: $5

Why: Running/ Beer/ Merriment

The story of me haring this trail is a story of mutual favors and mutual voluntold-ings. I told beets i could hare a dark side trail after he and several other hashers helped me move last month. I told ABC she was going to co hare with me after she told me I was writing the trail blurb for the next pitt shit.

So now we have: yet another north side dark side trail. New and improved and better than all the other ones.

It’s a dark side trail so bring your lights. Duh.

A note about parking: yes the driveway is large and can fit several cars. But there is also abundant parking on the street and in the lots above and below the soccer field. In other words, don’t block anybody in the driveway.


Why do we need a reason to have a Darkside???
To run a longer, harder trail and enjoy the shit out of it!

Parking is behind the house.