Float & Bloat / PGH #1788

August 12, 2017 – August 13, 2017 all-day
111 Market St
Saltsburg, PA 15681

Moon’s nth annual Float-&-Bloat

Let’s start with the history of F&B.

Historically F&B is credited to Rexine. This gives Rex credit for haring while allowing Moon to satisfy his need to scout trail three days per week.

Two years ago we enjoyed the scenery along French Creek. We enjoyed the scenery in great detail as we floated along at 50 yards per hour. Moon redeemed himself by organizing a fun campout at Sprague Brewing.

Last year Man-G and Steph Infection took control. It was the best weekend ever. Period.

This year we’re going back to Saltsburg. Moon is haring even though Rex prefers him home applying paint to new drywall. WMD was snookered into helping as he feels a moral obligation to save Moon from his overactive imagination.

Where: Saltsburg Kayak & Canoe Outfitters – 111 Market Street, Saltsburg, PA 15681 (This is the same place we used last time we F&B’d in Saltsburg.

Arrival Time: 10AM. Hash trail starts at 11AM. This gives you one hour to find parking, register with the outfitter and get your shit together. (Details on registering below.)

Hash: Short and scenic – this isn’t the Dark Side.

Lunch: The hares will provide a simple offering of cold cuts and such to make sandwiches. They’ll also provide some beer – think Miller Lite in cans if WMD is involved. Foodies and beer snobs should plan accordingly.

The Float: Starts at ~1:30PM. You should be gathering your gear/beer/bikinis during lunch.

Watercraft options:

· You need to contact the outfitter ASAP to reserve your vessel

· Rent a kayak or canoe from the outfitter. This is $28 and it includes transportation.

· Bring your own rigid craft such as a kayak or canoe. Pay outfitter $10 for transportation.

· You need to contact the outfitter ASAP to reserve your vessel or secure transportation. This reduces float-day hassle and insures you have a vessel/transportation as they could sell out. 724-252-8520 or saltsburgkayak.com. Be sure to mention that you are with the hash.

· Bring your own inflatable floatie. Moon is providing an air compressor for your enjoyment. These will be transported via limo bus or something provided by the hares. Hash cash will $5-10 to cover this.


· Nearby camping is available. Camping is contra and not being coordinated by the hares.

· Loyalhanna Recreational Area (LRA): scenic facility on the shore of Loyalhanna Lake. They have showers. No reservations – just show-up and register via the honor system.

· $20/night for a tent spot. Tent spots are secluded. This segues to…

· LRA is alcohol free as it’s operated by the US Army Corps. This shouldn’t be an issue IF you keep it on the QT.

WMD approves of this message. WMD will reply to thoughtful questions. Direct all other inquiries to Moonie.

Moonie: 412-310-3741