Hash #1787 – Whiff – The “Saving the Goddamn Hash” Hash

August 5, 2017 @ 3:30 pm
Panhandle Trailhead
18 Walkers Mill Rd.
Collier Twp. 15142

#1787 The “Saving the Goddamn Hash” Hash
Saturday, August 5 3:30pm (on-out 4pm)
Hare: Whiff (412-979-3314)
On-on: Panhandle Trailhead, 18 Walkers Mill Rd., Collier Twp. 15142
Apres: Alexion’s Grill, 141 Hawthorne St, Carnegie, PA 15106

“Hare needed!!!!!! …If these slots are not filled, hashing will be over forever.” – ICP

Never react to words like those after four beers or you, too, may find yourself haring trail your first weekend back in the country.
While everyone else was Megahashing, your humble hash-savior was scouting terrain most awesome. This romp will feature a classic Otter-Weasel split, so those inclined towards otterness should prepare accordingly before bringing electronics or four-legged companions on trail. If you have easily portable and inflatable devices, bring them with you. Consider it the shortest float ‘n bloat on record – practice for the following week.

Trail beer is on the hare while apres consumables are on your dime.

Note: the parking at the Walkers Mill trailhead can get tight, so carpooling might be a good idea. Alternately, adventurous folks could park in Oakdale, prelube at Helicon Brewing, and bike down the trail to the start.

This trail is Poortex TM approved.