Hash #1795 – Sherpes-PDOH3

October 1, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
Birmingham Bridge Tavern
2901 Sarah St
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

It started as a joke:  Cream of Mushroom making fun of all that recent frenetic activity of ex-halfminds announcing that they were forming their own kennels, and jokingly said “Sherpes, with all those map and compass hash trails you’ve been doing, you should form your own kennel”.  
Well, the joke then became real.  Yes.  Had Hung Like This known of Cream of Mushroom’s thoughts, he would have advised him “Don’t encourage him !!!”, but alas, it was too late, and the genie was out of the bottle.
So then out there in socialmediascape, the seed was germinated, and from crowdsourcing thoughts, the name settled to “Pittsburgh Dis Oriented Hash House Harriers” [credit:  Wroughten].
Next was to find the venue.  Having beat up the dead horse to death that was Frick Park (and yes, we don’t want anymore of those accidents of broken teeth falling on city sidewalks after having scoped the chicken farm in Cold Member’s residential estate), was looking at the possible mapped areas, and saw one that was no stranger to the city halfminds.  
So, maps will be handed out, and at Chalk Talk, the first checkpoint to reach will be revealed.  ‘Em halfminds, brave souls they are, will figure out how to reach the physical location by interpolating the marked checkpoint on the topographic map with the physical environment that surrounds them.  Too much thinking for a beer: “it’s a total disaster, believe me” will tweet our president, while wearing his #MHGA hat [Make Hashing Great Again].  Once reached that physical location, they will look around for a paper map hanging from a branch, taped on a wall or pole (Pole? Who Said Pole? #PRATH3).  On that map, the next checkpoint to reach will be marked.  ‘Em halfminds must either memorize or transpose or write on their own personal map that checkpoint, and then travel (walk/run/bike/auto/teletransport) to that physical location, and then repeat the above.  Until you find the beer.
This has been done before:  Boyce Park, Schenley Park, Frick Park.  And who remembers the first “Geo Hash”? it was Bitchy that did the same but instead of a paper map, we used a paper sheet with GPS coordinates written on it, at a time when owning a portable GPS device was the cool sceptre of the day, bestowing priesthood mantra to those that owned it. And I would speculate that PRATH3 is a mini-maphash, forcing halfminds to read instructions written on paper, posted on a pole, lookup maps and addresses, and teletransport to that location.
So, come down this Sunday and Get Lost.  Have no fear, as if you really need to know where the beer is without too much mind work, just show your tits to the hare and he will gallantly point to the beer.