Hash #1799 – Molly Swallows, Sultan of Skin, and Just Evan

October 29, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
Billy Kay's bar
701 E Railroad Ave
Verona, PA 15147

The Sultan of Skin, Molly Swallows, and Just Evan would like to show you their old stomping grounds. WANNA KNOW WHY WE SO HARD? Wait, what?

We’ll start at Billy Kay’s in Verona. I had my first beer there when I was still in my Mother’s womb…at least I’d like to think that I did.

Anyway, we have a trail for you that will hit a couple places that are dear to our hearts. I’m not so good at estimating distance, but I’d say the trail is somewhere between 1 and 58 miles. Probably around 7 though.

We’ll have one or two Turkey/Eagle splits, and the Sultan of Skin will be sweeping. So walkers are welcome, just beware that you’re in for a roughly 7 mile jaunt and there will be some shiggy and unavoidable intense hill climbs. I’d say it’s mostly walkable, but I wouldn’t bring your grandmother. Unless you hate your grandmother.

Dogs are not allowed at the starting bar and the on-after bar, but they should be ok for trail. There are a couple pretty intense hill climbs… so as long as your dog can handle hills and running 7 miles, it should be ok. The dogs should probably be on leashes when we get closer to residential areas so people don’t freak out.

We will provide some food for you guys after the trail at one of the local establishments. Trail beer and après pizza on hares. Prelube and Après beer on you.

***Even though it is close to Halloween, this is NOT a costumed-run. We thought about it at first but there’s some shiggy that will rip your costume right off***

Shoot a text to the Sultan of Skin AKA Sultan of Snacks AKA Ur-a-gay Glory Hole AKA Pizza Pete if you have any questions, 412-996-0090