Hash #1797 / Purple Dress Run – Purple Princess

October 14, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
5801 Ellsworth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Who: Purple Princess

What: A Purple Dress Run to celebrate Purple Princess’ Beerthday and 10th Analversary of Hashing

Where: 5801, Ellsworth Ave, Shadyside

When: Saturday 10/14, @ 2PM

So THERE I was (no shit)…perusing the internet for cool shit to do in Pgh, when I happened upon some pics of my buddy Fuk Stik (before I knew he was Fuk Stik) drinking beer and running. So the next time I saw him at my watering hole I asked about these pics, and what hashing is. He got a shit eating grin, and four pitchers later my young mind was filled with all kinds of shenanigans and events, none of which I remember but obviously it made an impression. He claims to have mentioned not to wear new shoes. I seriously don’t remember this despite his adamant claims to the contrary.
Arriving at my first hash, I see Spermit, and he not only sees a newbie, but a newbie wearing brand new shoes. This was 10 beautiful years ago, with my 1st trail on 9/20/07. What better way to celebrate not only my analversary, but my 45th beerthday as well? I bribed two hashers with beer and the promise of an awesome trail (because if there’s one thing I’m known for, it’s an awesome trail).
So THERE she was, Bitch in Heat, who decided that she couldn’t live with herself if this trail went sideways, and decided to make sure all went well, since our last trail was such a hit it’d be a shame to tarnish that reputation.
So THERE he was, Purple Sack-Purple Sac, who had no idea what he was getting into and decided he’d like to cohare. Hah, silly boy.
Come enjoy the Purple Dress Run on Saturday, October 14th, at 2pm @ 5801, Ellsworth Ave, Shadyside. Why? Because there just aren’t enough dress runs in a year, that’s why. Also because 5801 is awesome.
Trail is doggy friendly, apres isn’t. Trail is semi contra, hounds will need to buy their own food at apres.
Questions, comments, concerns…Purple Princess 412-432-9807
Horny, sexual therapy, hookups…Purple Sac-Purple Sac 412-216-7715