Hash #1805 – Festivus

December 9, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
King of Salt's house
1162 Morningside Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206


1162 Morningside Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206-1348, United States

So here’s how the story goes. Two years ago Porn Again arrived late to Festivus just in time for circle. There for no reason apparent to him at the time he was confronted by a mostly nude and very lewd Defender and Defender wanted to wrestle PA. PA obliged just because it was Festivus and wrestling Defender was part of the tradition. Little did PA know that Defender was handing off the mantle of Festivus to him. Now after how many ever years that old asshole is out of the picture and it’s PA’s time to shine. He has invited fellow salt meister Scrum Guzzler to help in this years celebration.

If you have never been to a Festivus there are a few things you should know. The first and most important rule is that you are NOT invited. Don’t bother to come. Now if you are a dumbass and decide to come know the following:
1. You will show your strength to the hash in more ways than one
2. You will verbally accost fellow hashers during circle for dumb shit they did since last Festivus even if it isn’t hash related
3. You will have a broken body for the next week or two as a result of rule 1 and 2
Now this celebration will go all night. The hares are providing an ample supply of beer but that will not last. Plan to bring some. It will be cold and there are plenty of places to stash it on my deck and other places. There will be main course food but small covered dishes are greatly appreciated. Also there is plenty of crash space.

Any other questions go out back of your house and yell them in to the wind because I do not give a fuck about your concerns.