Hash #1806 – Flicker- Santa’s Scavenger Hash

December 17, 2017 @ 1:00 pm
Genuine Pub
111 Sandy Creek Rd
Verona, PA 15147

If you know Flicker’s trails, she always likes to notch it up just a bit. And if you think that her knee replacement has set her back, get real…it’s a fake knee…no pain. Ok yeah, I’m a bit slower these days but I’m still long in endurance.
This isn’t the first Santa’s Scavenger Hash but I pride myself on one naming from the first one….OCD (Old Crusty Dick). So this Hash is your chance to dress as Santa, Mrs. Santa, Santa’s elf, Santa’s mistress, gay Santa…..whatever Santa prototype you want to be. Or just don a frickin’ Santa hat.

As for the “scavenger” part, you’ll learn all about it at chalk talk. It’s for the curious and adventurous.

Location: Genuine Pub
111 Sandy Creek Rd
Verona PA. 15147

On out at 1:30 sharp.

Pre-lube beer, trail beer and circle beer is on the hare. Food and post-trail beer are on you.

We have our own back room for the apres and circle.

There may be a special appearance by a very special person in a red suit who likes boys and girls to sit on his lap. Just sayin’.

Dry bag=yes
Dogs=please try to refrain, not saying no but not permitted in the bar and they may hinder the scavenger part.

Any ???? Flicker. 412-735-1564