Hash #1816 – Titty Whiskers, T Bag

February 25, 2018 @ 2:00 pm
The Washington Brewing Company
28 E Maiden St
Washington, PA 15301

Where: The Washington Brewing Company
28 East Maiden St
Washington, PA 15301

When: Sunday Feb 25 @ 2pm (on-out by 2:30 to get back to the brewery ASAP since they are staying open late for us). Feel free to come earlier than 2pm though!

While many folks are prudes, we know hashers are generous and don’t mind goin’ down south every once in a while. So put your inhibitions aside and cum south with T-Bag and Titty Whiskers to the land formerly known as “Catfish Camp”… Washington, PA.

The Washington Brewing Company is situated right smack in the middle of some pretty cool historical stuff – a stop on the Underground Railroad, the first crematory in America, the house of one of the most infamous leaders of the Whiskey Rebellion and the home of Pony League Baseball. (The Brewery itself was once a Studebaker car dealership!)

Trail is a flat and leisurely mix of historical sites, beautiful woodlands, paranormal encounters, Victorian homes, playful diversions and distilled spirits. Shiggy rating is AWESOME, but only a few bits would rate > 6/9. (I’d strongly suggest not wearing a down jacket unless you’re planning to re-enact a tar and feathering).

Trail is A-A, turkey and eagle friendly, if your dog is a goat with kevlar boots and eye protection, and you can carry him over muddy obstacles, then it may be dog friendly (seriously – there’s some steep/shiggy areas that can’t be avoided).

Please pack an extra pair of kicks so you don’t track mud back into TWBC as they are graciously staying open late for us and CIRCLE WILL BE INSIDE!!!

No hash cash, we’ll provide libations and goodies on trail as well as circle beer and a few munchies back at TWBC. You can also pre-order food for after trail. (the meatloaf makes me swoon)


P.S. Washington is often pronounced “Worshington” or “Warshington” – there is no definitive explanation although some think it stems from the Scotch-Irish immigrants that settled here a couple of hundred years ago. My theory: Pirates, Arrrrr!