Hash #1812 – High & Dry, WMD, Kunt Spell Jill

January 28, 2018 @ 2:00 pm
Rochester Inn
505 Rochester Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

What:  Joey and the Jillies went up the Hillies
When:  Sunday, January 28 at 2PM
Where:  Rochester Inn – Rochester Road, Pittsburgh, 15229
Hares:  WMD, High & Dry and Kunt Spell Jill

Who is Joey? Who are the Jillies?  Joey is WMD.  WMD has been MIA at Pgh hashes as his new hobby is shoveling snow in Eerie.  One Jillie is blonde.  Her hash name is High & Dry.  The other Jillie is brunette.  Her name is Kunt Spell Jill.

“Joey and the Jillies went up the Hillies”…  This could be the title of a B-rate porn flick in WMD’s alternate universe, but we not going down that rabbit hole.

In reality, it’s a normal hash – no dresses, 4-5 miles, no worries of heat stroke, minimal trespassing and Sherpes will document the event with a couple hundred photos.

The fine print:

Trail is Fido friendly, après is not.
Hares are providing trail beer and snacks.  No $5 hash cash as we ain’t feeding you at the apres.  Order from the menu and then pry your purse open.
Problem with alcohol?  Call the Pgh chapter of AA at 412-471-7472.
Intelligent questions?  Call WMD at 724-816-0804.