Hash #1818 – Asshole by semen, Squirreleo

March 11, 2018 @ 2:00 pm
Broad Street Bistro
1025 Broad St
North Versailles, PA 15137
Hash #1818 – Asshole by semen, Squirreleo @ Broad Street Bistro | North Versailles | Pennsylvania | United States

February is finally behind us and as mid-March approaches it’s time to set your clocks forward and join ABS and Honeynut Squirreleo for another Squirreleo Beerthday trail. If you’ve attended a Squirreleo Beerthday trail in the past, you know what to expect. If not, simply be prepared for a short, flat, dry, shiggy free stroll around the block. Oh, and don’t forget your dry bag.

We originally planned for a walk in the Park (South Park specifically) but after being unimpressed with the topography there coupled with a particularly invasive encounter with the local law enforcement, we decided that you deserved better. So this year we’ll gather at the Broad Street Bistro, a luxurious establishment located on, well, you guessed it, “Broad Street” in North Versailles. The owner, Mr. Tasso Athans, is excited to have us after I explained to him that our mere presence will increase his standing with the established elite. I’m sure you won’t disappoint him.

From there we’ll journey out on a quest for beer by following a jumbled labyrinth of flour and ribbons. Some will appreciate the trail for its utter genius; others will see it as a shining example of a retarded shit show. Whatever your impression, a lasting impression it will be.


Fido Friendly? If you want your dog to end the day seriously questioning your decision making capabilities and self-debating whether or not life in an animal shelter would be a lifestyle improvement choice, then sure, bring Fido along.

• Hares: Asshole By Semen and Honeynut Squirreleo

• What: #1818, PGH-H3 trail – A to A

• Where: 1025 Broad St, North Versailles, 15137

• When: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, March 11th, 2:00 Pee Ehm

• Why: Because Squirreleo’ needs your comfort and support while trying to put 56 years of failure, misery and disappointment behind him. Come on out and drink a beer with him.

Hash Cash? Trail beer and down downs are on the hares; beer and grub before and after is on you.

• Questions: Call Squirreleo, 412-737-2318