Hash #1845 – Moon and Glitter Fool Moon

September 23, 2018 @ 2:00 pm
Castle Tavern South
6347 Library Rd
South Park Township, PA 15129

All that Glitters is not Gold
Sept. 23rd at 2pm
Castle Tavern South
6347 Library Road,  South Park, PA 15129 – Tel. 412-831-2070
This will be a mostly contra event
For those folks that have heard “There be Dragons” in the South Hills
you can take the T to the Library Station – Subway Station
South Park Township, PA 15129.
It is now open after train derailments and flood damage.
A nice person in a uniform will take you there and hold your hand
T info:http://www.portauthority.org/PAAC/apps/pdfs/BLLB.PDF
there is a trip that leaves Station Sq at 12:50 and gets to Library at 1:25
Total Trip Time is 35 minutes, Total Trip Regular Cost is $2.75
Verify with your conductor that you are headed to Library Station