Hash #1902 – In Defense of Peedom

November 3, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
Casa de PeeGurglar
412 Birmingham Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15210
Who: Defender of Peedom
Where: Casa de PeeGurglar
When: November 3, 2019 @2:00 pm
UHAUL leaves promptly @2:30 pm
Please carpool if possible. Try not to take my neighbor’s parking spots, they usually have family over on Sundays, so please be respectful. If you have to walk a block from your parking spot to my house get over it, you’re hashers and that’ll probably be the easiest part of your day.
Its only been 8 weeks since the birth of our second daughter, the house is in shambles, we’re tired, and I literally can’t even right now…. Yet somehow, my charming wife talked me into haring. I’ve had months to plan this, so there’s one thing you can be sure of, I waited to the absolute last second to put something together.  After a solid  20 minutes of scouting I’ve compiled a short list of things you’re likely to find on trail:
Deer parts
Deer poop
Deer meat
Deer ticks
Also some things you’re likely to hear:
“Oh I remember when we were here in [insert date]”
“At least, we’re not in the Uhaul anymore.”
“Ugh why am I here?”
“Ugh why was I even born?”
“Why was Defender even born?”
Trail probably isn’t kid friendly, unless you don’t love them, In which case, totally bring em.
Dog friendly?  Yeah, I just don’t want them in my house.
Hasher friendly? Of course, I just don’t want them in my house.
If there’s bad weather trail will be treacherous,  if it’s good weather it’ll be a little less treacherous.
We will have food, drinks, fire and more after trail.
$5 hash cash… I’ve got kids to feed.