Hash #1907 – Porn Again Christian’s Festivus

December 7, 2019 @ 12:00 pm
Casa de Caca
2534 Irwin Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15214

The days are getting longer and the tempers are getting shorter. There is a subtle taste of salt in the air. That must mean it’s almost time to celebrate Festivus. This year Cream of Mushroom and Porn Again Christian have teamed up to lay a trail of salt, sweat, and blood (no flour will be harmed in the laying of this trail). Trail will start sharply at 1pm. You will not want to be late for this. Trail will not be fiddo friendly in the least.

As per usual the hares will provide a few kegs, some food, and a place to party afterwards. If you are planning on partying in to the night I would recommend some backup beer for when the kegs are kicked. No hash cash but a small side dish or something would be awesome. New feets of strength are always accepted as well.

Gather at 12, on out at 1.

If any gimps out there want to drive the beer wagon holla at yo boi.