PITT H3 #152 – Sandturkey

November 22, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – November 23, 2017 @ 12:00 am
Pub in the park
7034 Blackhawk St
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
It’s that time of year again – A PITT TRAIL ON A WEDNESDAY NIGHT – grab all your favorite Pilgrim & Indian Thanksgiving outfits and come hash with us.   It’s the 5th Annual Sand Turkey!!
What the hell is a SandTurkey trail?  Many moons ago there was a conversation about Santarchy , Sirvix misheard and thought they said Sand Turkey.  So in an effort not to look stupid she invented an entire new holiday.
Legend is the night before Thanksgiving the elusive Sand Turkey comes to Frick park and runs amuck for one night! This year the Sand Turkeys are played by 2 originals, Sirvix & ManG,  and joining them we have Drunk Dynasty & Handy Cock.
Join us for this annual PITT tradition.  Check your trail count and see how close you are to catching Spermint during his unfortunate hash hiatus.  http://www.pitth3.com/trail-count
Bring your friends, virgins, and offbeat coworkers or a stroll through the park chasing mythical Sand Turkeys.   Trail will obviously be short, flat, shiggy free and no fun.
Trail will begin at Pub in the Park.  Trail is A to A, obviously circle is not at the bar.
POST TRAIL PARTY @ Pub in the Park.  Kitchen is open until 12.
Dog friendly.
Hash Cash:  $5  OR  Food to donate to local food bank: Value at least $5
All hash cash is donated from this trail.
Please be responsible getting home post trail.  Cops are on high alert!  We learned that last year when 15 cop cars rolled into our beer stop.  🙂
Happy Sand Turkey everyone.