PITT H3 #182 –Cuffed & Sphinx

December 6, 2018 @ 6:30 pm
Village Tavern and Trattoria
424 S Main St
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Meet at an upscale establishment in the West End for shirley temples and virgin daiquiris to discuss philosophy, then enjoy the warm evening as we stroll for a half mile along a flat, even path.

What? Some of that was true, specifically “West End” and “evening.” And possibly “the,” though that is a matter of some debate. Some of it was a slight bending of the truth, such as “meet” and “establishment.” But some of it was outright lie, like “flat” and “warm” and “enjoy.”

Expect shiggy, hills, twigs, thorns, ticks, shiggy, and mud, with a strong chance of rain, snow, and ice. Bring $5 hash cash, headlamp, and a dry bag. And maybe gloves. Babies are best left at home for this one.