St. David’s Day Hash – Whiff

March 1, 2019 @ 6:30 pm
2901 Sarah St
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Hare: Whiff (412-979-3314)

Starting in 2000, in response to the termination of the annual Feb. 28 PMS hashes, the March 1 St. David’s Day hash was born. The original premise was simple: go back to British hashing roots with a live hare trail and have beer stops at bars with at least Guinness on tap (try to find a Welsh beer in Pittsburgh). Oh, and daffodils for the bimbos and leeks for the wankers, the two Welsh symbols of St. David. (daffodil in Welsh translated as “David’s leek.”) Starting Britishly at Piper’s Pub, the first trail wound around to McCann’s Pub (now Dish) where a Welsh flag hung from the wall, then to McArdle’s Pub, and on-in. The fourth trail had a beer stop in the middle of McArdle Roadway (a closed-off section under construction) with Welsh ESB. The 10th trail had Brother David’s Tripel and the fifteenth had Merry Monks Tripel. There have been specialty labels at beer stops: Idris Ale and Llareggub Lager – Dylan Thomas’s fictional town – “Buggerall” spelled backwards – on the seventh trail (the first where we were joined by the St. David’s Society) and palindromic titles (Space Caps Retro Porter, Senile Felines Regal Lager, Dr. Awkward Slip Pils) on the fourteenth (the date was 3/1/13). The ninth and sixteenth broke from the live hare tradition as both were laid during blizzards.

This year, St. David returns to the South Side for a trail with some nostalgic undertones. As always, there will be daffodils and leeks. There will be indoor and outdoor beer stops. And, of course, trail will be short, flat, warm, and dry.