Reach out and touch your haberdasher

Want something special? Talk to your friendly neighborhood haberdasher and let them know what you area looking for. Pre-orders can get you some cool stuff as well as different colors and styles!  Did we run out of something you want?  Let us know and maybe we can re-order.



Box #4 – Pre-ordering through 2/5, delivered later that month.

Curated habby for the distinguished hasher; Special Trinkets Division wants you to get acquainted with our packages, available quarterly for $20 each. Our package can be in your hands at the PGH Analversary Weekend, with different packages every 3 months! Not in Pittsburgh, sucks to be you, but we’ll service your needs as well. Shipped packages are $26.69 to US addresses.

*Please include Hash Name and size, along with address if applicable when ordering.

Show me what you got, I’ll try one.

I want my mailman to give it to me.

Box #1 & #2



Standard Offerings


$15 – Safety 3rd and Mash-Hash 100% Polyester Tech Shirts (Currently out of stock)
$15 – White Flour Jersey Knit 100% Polyester Tech Shirt
$15 – Heinz Hash 100% Polyester Tech Shirt (Currently out of stock)
$15 – Pursuit of Hoppiness 100% Polyester Tech Shirt (Currently in tan and pink)
$10 Hops & On-On “Buffs*”
Vinyl Stickers! $2 ON-ON, $3 Coexist, $4 Safety 3rd           Magnets: $4 Coexist
$5 Patches
$5: Safety 3rd Safety Whistle