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TN@ #59: Man G and Tight E @ regent square
Jun 17 @ 6:30 pm
Socially Distanced Hash.
Must sign up by contacting the hare for hash start location. 814.657.4173
(Large gatherings of more than 25 are prohibited. This is so we can get an accurate count). We will hash in quaranteams.
Must wear a mask/bandana/buff that covers your nose and mouth.
Must bring your own beverage(s)/snacks. You may want a straw.
You may bring your own hand sanitizer or wipes.
If you are feeling ill, Do Not Come.
If the rules are not followed by everyone then the hash will not happen.
So Please Do Not Be a Dick.
The TN@ kennel is for anyone who identifies as female or non-binary.
There will be no hash cash since it is BYOB
Hash #1937: Annual TN@ Dick Cup Charity Trail!
Jun 28 @ 2:00 pm

Dick Cup is TN@s annual Manvitational and charity hash. (All genders are welcome!) 100% of cash collected will be donated to a charity.

More details to cum…