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Hash # FOOL MOON!!!!! Moaning Lisa @ Rock Room
Jun 28 @ 6:30 pm

Moaning Lisa Hosts A Fool Moon: The Trail Nobody Wanted.

Don’t let the “Trail Nobody Wanted” be an excuse to miss the trail everybody is going to be talking about.


Trail facts in order of importance:
-There will be Beer.
-Start: Rock Room
-Head lamps will be helpful.
-True Trail is >5 miles.

Hash # FOOL MOON!!!!! Moaning Lisa @ Spring Hill Brewing
Jul 27 @ 6:30 pm

A mysterious red-clad hasher wanders a mystical landscape encountering multiple bizarre characters.
Who: Moaning Lisa
What: Fool Moon: The Trail Nobody Wanted Part II
Where: Spring Hill Brewing,
1958 Varley St
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212
When: Friday July 27 @ 6:30p
Advisements: Wear Bright Colors, Bring illumination, Stay Gold.

Dog friendly? Only tough dogs.

Hash #1841 Ear – Dick Cup @ Penn brewery
Aug 26 @ 2:00 pm

Meet at the outside bar. Unless it’s raining, then meet inside. It’ll probably be raining since Ear is the hare.

Hash cash = $5.
100% of cash collected will be donated to Allegheny Cleanways.

Steph has been busy devising games that will only mildly offend the masses. Or so she says…

Hash #1845 – Moon and Glitter Fool Moon @ Castle Tavern South
Sep 23 @ 2:00 pm

All that Glitters is not Gold
Sept. 23rd at 2pm
Castle Tavern South
6347 Library Road,  South Park, PA 15129 – Tel. 412-831-2070
This will be a mostly contra event
For those folks that have heard “There be Dragons” in the South Hills
you can take the T to the Library Station – Subway Station
South Park Township, PA 15129.
It is now open after train derailments and flood damage.
A nice person in a uniform will take you there and hold your hand
T info:
there is a trip that leaves Station Sq at 12:50 and gets to Library at 1:25
Total Trip Time is 35 minutes, Total Trip Regular Cost is $2.75
Verify with your conductor that you are headed to Library Station

Hash # FOOL MOON!!! SexPak @ Zone 28
Oct 24 @ 6:00 pm

This will be a CONTRA Fool moon. You will receive a wrist band at the Zone 28 bar, (I hope), which gets you happy hour prices, (which is like $2 off their $$$ beers), but hey,we haven’t hashed outa here since it was Zone 28 to my limited knowledge.

Hash # FOOL MOON!!!!! Whiff @ Ugly Dog Saloon
Nov 23 @ 6:30 pm

Hash 1853.5 Bleak Friday Fool Moon Turkey Trotz
When: Friday, Nov. 23. 6:30pm
Where: Ugly Dog Saloon,
2351 Noblestown Rd. Pgh. PA. 15205
Hare: Whiff. 412-979-3314

By hash-time, Thursday’s L-tryptophan should have worn off and you picked up your Black Friday 80” Ultra-HD Smart TV for $27 (supplies VERY limited), so cum out to the wilds of the Crafton-Greentree merge zone for a post-Turkey/early Xmas lights romp. Pilgrim attire/Turkish fez optional.
Trail is dog friendly. Aprés is dog hostile, contrary to the bar’s name.
$5 hash cash.

Hash #1858 Mega Hash/FOOL Moon
Dec 22 @ 10:00 am
Hilltop Megahash
Saturday. December 22
Eagles: 10 AM
 2420 Charcot St. 15210
Turkeys: 12 Noon
421 Birmingham 15210
Hash cash
Bring shoes with traction and carry extra socks.
Additional Megahash details:
This is the 25th Megahash
Recommended trail length is 11.2 miles.
but some have been shorter because of heat and irate landowners. Longest was 16.9 miles through 3 states.
There will be lunch.
Auto megahashing is not a sin.
The trail is dog friendly but ask your pup first.
Hash cash covers beer and lunch, $10
Hash #1862 Major and Two Birds – Super Blood Moon @ Duke's
Jan 20 @ 2:00 pm

Join Two Birds as she hares her first ever Pittsburgh trail through the flat, warm, and dry borough of Homestead. Although she’s only ever hared a Dark Side before, she assures me that trail will be less than 5 miles (although you may not believe that when you’re done). Trail itself should be relatively doggo friendly, but Duke’s isn’t. We should make it back in plenty of time to enjoy an Apres at Duke’s, but you’ll be on your own for food there.

Hash cash is 0$, unless you haven’t paid your dues, in which case your hash cash is a solemn vow to pay WMD $15. Please bring your religious book of choice to swear upon.

P.S. We’re keeping an eye on the weather, if it ends up looking like we’re actually getting a blizzard we may change the location to Major’s house so that people have a place to crash if we get snowed in. Watch this page, if we need to we’ll make the call Saturday morning.

Text Major at 732-757-9241 and tell him why we should have started at Enix instead.

FOOL MOON- Moaning Lisa @ Silky's Pub
Feb 19 @ 6:30 pm

Fool Moon PickUp Trail out of Silky’s Pub

I’ll supply circle beers and flour. Bring a light and some folding money.

You won’t be sorry.

TN@44/ FoolMoon: 3/20 Celebration @ Couch
Mar 20 @ 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Blood moon trail!! Cum one, cum all for a fun little jaunt where where two kennels combine!

We’ll be celebrating this night, so don your party gear: be it hat, horn, or ? ?.  AC/DC is …21! ?… and ABS is celebrating with him in newly acquired divorcee style (~3 years!).

So, join us for a light-hearted, walker-friendly trail.  Let’s party!!  ?