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Hash #1882 Bienvenue a Zelienople @ Bugh'ers Harmony
Jun 15 @ 1:00 pm

Courtesy of SleE-Z Pass and BitchinHeat

Trail will be about 4 miles A to A.69

Moisture and some shiggy through the middle but the rest is on pavement.

Trail and ?? location dog friendly, dogs allowed on patio at on-out.

There is public parking about a block up from Burgh’ers, please park there so not to overrun their lot.

June Full Moon – Taco Trail @ One Way Field
Jun 17 @ 7:00 pm

No hash cash.


Bring a six pack.

Bring a six pack.

Bring a six pack, you have been told!


Come on out to the old, tiny, ball park. Bring a six pack, headlamp, wiffle bat, and maybe a rain slicker.

Low expectations, high potential!

Hash #1885 – Mushroom Creams Again @ Casa de Creamy
Jul 7 @ 2:00 pm

Too cool to go to Eerie? Come hash through shady Riverview Park Cream of Mushroom. After chill out in his pool for circle.

Parking is best in the driveway, by the soccer field, or in the lot below the soccer field.

Hash #1888 – Folker @ Bee'z Bistro & Pub
Jul 29 @ 6:30 pm

No cash needed, no contra stops! Bring a change of clothes and a thirst for beer.

Hash #1890 – The Weary Bear
Aug 12 @ 6:30 pm

AGM is over and the teddy bears are tired from their picnic! Follow the bear scat into the woods on this easy hangover trail. Ah, a pintful of lager makes the Monday go down easy! Hared by the most Ursine hound in the kennel.

Bring $5, a headlamp, and a friend!

1830 Convene
1850 Hare Away
1900 Pack Off
1905 Jack Off

Hash #1891 – Swept Away @ Idlewild Park & Ride
Aug 18 @ 2:00 pm

Courtesy of Whiff, T-Bag, and Just Lauren.
40°25’31.77″N, 80° 4’22.42″W
Starts at Idlewood Park n Ride.
Apres: Alexions Bar & Grill, 141 Hawthorne St, Carnegie, PA 15106

Parts of the trail are dog-friendly but others are downright dog-hostile. Depending on the level of antipathy or animus you bear toward your pups, consider leaving them at home. The apres won’t allow them anyway.

$5.00 hash cash

Hash #1893 – Giving Credence To A Floodwater Revival
Sep 1 @ 2:00 pm

2:00 Pre-lube    2:30  On-Out

Meet at Valley Park, 1260 Abers Creek Road, Monroeville PA  15146

Park your car next to the soccer field and the skateboard arena.

Please bring a Camp Chair, football, Frisbee, lawn darts, dinner plate, utensils, and Hash Cash.

This will be a relatively shortish, all shiggy – all the time, eminently runnable trail.

(Hares not responsible for thunderstorms and localized flooding.)

Hash #1894 – Major Oink Stroker @ Carrick Inn
Sep 8 @ 2:00 pm

Join the fearsome threesome of Major Pecker, Cox Stroker and Oinkgasm for a well-lubricated good time.

Hash #1896 – Liquor Cookies & Honey Nut Squirreleo @ Casa de Liqher
Sep 22 @ 2:00 pm

What: The Liquher Squirreleo Cookie, End Of Summer Hash #1896

Where: Casa D’ Liquher Cookie – 1214 Cloverfield Drive, 15227 (trail is A to A)

When: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! September 22nd, 2:00Pee Ehm.

Your Hares: Liquher Cookie & Honeynut Squirreleo

It’s the last day of summer so what better way to celebrate than joining your beloved Hash family for a day of trail and debauchery. Trail will be short, flat, and easy (just like yer last girlfriend). It‘ll be mostly wooded trail blazing; could include cliffs, police lines, ropes, homeless camps, garbage dumps, tunnels, mud, muck, poison ivy, jaggers, jag-offs, broken glass, snakes, spiders, little furry animals, shots, beer and probably zero dead bodies! After a Mega Hash weekend, getting lost on this trail will be like you won the lottery (but you can’t find the ticket).

The Après will be held at Liquher Cookie’s palace.  There will be plenty of beer. There will be haute cuisine. There may be a chair for you to sit on; or maybe not… lawn chairs and drinking vessels are encouraged.

NO HASH CASH. We’ll feed you, we’ll beer you, but we won’t bail you out of jail. So bring your credit card just in case.

Baby in a Backpack Friendly?  ABSO-FREAKING-LUTLY NOT! If you love your child, care for their safety and want to avoid a CYS interview, please leave them with someone more responsible than yourself. I repeat, don’t bring your kid on this trail!!!

Fido Friendly? Trail is probably more Fido friendly than human friendly.  So if your dog is well behaved and sociable, feel free to bring him/her along.

Dry Bag? Never a bad idea. Gloves for trail wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

So let the yard work and laundry sit for a day. Get grandma to watch the kiddies (if that applies to you) and cum on out to celebrate the fall equinox a day early. Enjoy a combination of scenic vistas, adventures in paradise, beer, food and comradeship that you won’t find anywhere else. If for no other motive, it’ll give you another reason to hate Squirreleo and love Liquher Cookie. GUAR-ON-ON-TEED.

Questions? Call Squirreleo: 412-737-2318

Hash #1897 – Chip ‘n’ Warrendale @ North Park Lounge
Sep 29 @ 2:00 pm

Hares away at 2:30.


Bamboo lounge is not fido friendly, and trail itself would be questionable since we’ll be following a few very busy roads.


Hare hotline 724.841.8348