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PITT H3 #199 – Willly’s Wonk -Oink, Anal, Lever @ The Clark Bar
Jul 18 @ 6:30 pm

Pitt H3 #199 – Willy’s Wonk….

Cum out with your hares Oink, Anal, and Lever for a night that sure to be “scrumtitlyumptious”. Find a golden dick and you might be rewarded with “pure inebriation”….. On out at The Clark Bar and Grill. Shiggy yes, dog friendly yes. The bar closes at 9:30 but there are plenty of places go after trail close by.

Willy Wonka themed dress optional

PITT H3 #200 – My Hog n Me And Drunk Dynasty @ Jack's
Aug 1 @ 6:30 pm

Calling all wankers, yankers, and spankers, it’s time for Pitt trail… *checks notes* …#200! So put down your toys and your dicks for a couple of hours and we’ll see you at Jack’s because of fucking tradition that’s why. Trail #1: Jack’s. Trail #100: Jack’s. Trail #200: Jack’s, so if you’re expecting anything original on this trail you can just forget it. For those who remember, and for those who don’t, trail #100 included many dumpster-fire worthy events such as hobo piss drinking, caught hares at the T station, and a jaunt up the motherfucking Duquesne incline steps. Do we think we can top that? Impossible, so why bother! I would expect a much flatter, drama-free, generally much more wholesome and friendly trail than #100. Definitely. There might be an eagle/turkey split for those who yearn for a near-death experience because life just isn’t interesting enough for you. You’d be fucking stupid to bring your dog. Actually, you’d be fucking stupid to bring yourself. Eat your wheaties and bring a light. And it GOES WITHOUT SAYING that you should bring a cup if you have one. If any virgins show up, may God have mercy on their soul.

We have the honor to be your most obedient servants,
My HogNMe
Drunk Dynasty

PITT H3 201 AGM Campout – BEAR IT ALL @ Camp Davis Campground
Aug 10 @ 11:00 am – Aug 11 @ 12:00 pm

Hash Rego-

Welcum welcum to the 2019 PITT AGM – BEAR IT ALL WEEKEND!
That’s right hashers, join us while we bear it all at Camp Davis is a private, membership-only, clothing optional campground but they are allowing us to join the fun! So please read their camp release and waiver as you will be signing one! There will also be another group besides the locals so please have respect for everyone!

What to expect?

Camping, trails, shiggy, a pool, indoor and outdoor showers, food, fun, dancing, games, etc etc.

Come dressed as some kinda bear!!!

Few notes:

1. The campout is technically Saturday morning to Sunday morning. You can come up Friday but food for Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast is on you. Beer will be tapped Friday however.

2. Rego includes camping, trail, lunch, dinner Saturday and breakfast Sunday morning. You can also rego to camp on Friday for $60 but as stated above food is on you!

3. Carpooling is highly recommended as the parking may be tight, also camping may be a little tight as we are sharing the space with locals and another group, but what do I  know I am not a doctor.

4. There is no float this year at the AGM but they have a pool so bring some swimming gear…or don’t and bear it all *wink wink*.

PITT H3 #202 / FOOL MOON – Scrum and Meow / @ The Porch
Aug 15 @ 6:30 pm
PITT H3 #203 – Black Clap @ Lincoln Avenue Brewery
Aug 29 @ 6:30 pm
PITT H3 #204 @ Primantis
Sep 12 @ 6:30 pm

This trail is gonna be Garfield’s Nightmare, we start at Primantis since Platform never got built and ended up selling out to InBev anyway.

Bar is dog friendly at least…trail tho, who knows but probably.

Happy hour 5-7 1/2 off alcohol.

PITT H3 #205 – Tight-E and 2Birds @ East End Brewery
Sep 26 @ 6:30 pm

Who: TightE, Two Birds, Super Secret Mystery Hare
Where: East End Brewing Co
When: Thursday 9/26. Meet at 6:30, hares away at 7.

The superstar haring duo of TightE and Two Birds returns once again to take you on a tour of the lesser-hashed areas of the East End. A hash crash on the last Pitt trail has caused TightE to step back from the running portion of the haring but this is still a certified TightE Trail (TM) complete with abandoned shit and a little bit of Pittsburgh History thrown in. A super secret mystery hare will be taking her place in the actual live-haring part.

East End Brewery is no longer dog friendly inside but they have a nice outside patio that allows dogs. Larder, the new restaurant inside the brewery is fantastic but unfortunately closes at 9pm so other plans will need to be made for the on-after.

PITT H3 #206 @ Duck Hollow
Oct 10 @ 6:30 pm

Wheelbarrow Willie, Schoolhouse Cock, and Yust Youlian taking over the trail formerly known as Purple Princess’ shitshow.

Meet us at the Duck Hollow Parking lot. Hares will provide pre-trail beverages, some of which might even be drinkable. Hares have declared the trail proper to be an IPA-free zone since life is too short to drink pine needles flavored with underarm sweat. Picky wankers should BYOB.

Trail is Fido friendly.

Beer Mile @ Schenley Oval
Oct 17 @ 8:00 pm

Join us for our fine fall tradition on October17th: PittH3 will provide the (cheapest) regulation beer, you bring the will to not puke. Bring your own fancy drinks if you don’t trust our selection. Don’t want to compete? Come cheer on your friends and enjoy the free entertainment! Coming dressed up in a costume is highly recommended!

PITT H3 #207 – Early Halloween @ Coughlin's Law
Oct 24 @ 6:30 pm

Running for beer just became a whole lot harder now that the Killer Klaws from Outer Space are upon us. Disturbed that Hot Girl Summer was ending and people were going to forget about them, the hard seltzers from beyond have descended upon Pitt-H3 to terrorize your Halloween. The good news is that the first rule of hashing now is: THERE AIN’T NO LAWS WHEN YOU’RE DRINKING THE CLAWS!

Prepare for the invasion at Coughlin’s Law in Mount Washington. Happy hour 5-7, but why the hell would you order any of that when you’re drinking White Claw anyway?

Some important items of note for trail
1. As usual on Halloween this is a costume trail. Show up in your October best or face the Klaws’ wrath. Best of Worst of Dumbest of Etc of Costume Awards possibly at RA’s discretion with his great and unmatched wisdom.
2. Dogs should be OK, but there will be a pumpkin/bat split on trail, and all pooches will be REQUIRED TO TAKE THE PUMPKIN SPLIT. No exceptions.
3. Bring $2.75 cash on trail or a ConnectCard with $2.50 value on it…what a mystery no one will EVER guess what that is for.
4. On after is at the start bar, Coughlin’s Law. Kitchen open until 11pm. The Klaws’ are very intent on bringing locked down on-afters back to Pitt H3 people!

Contact the hares with any questions. Shameless, Double Stuffed, Scrum.