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DS#94 – DarkSide Marathon @ Clap and Cockle's House
Apr 15 @ 11:00 am – 11:45 pm

What: DarkSide Marathon
Where: TBC and Cockles house, 3952 McClure Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
When: Meet at 11am or so to go over everything and get situated. First mile at noon.
Why: To push ourselves harder and longer, but only partially in the dark this time!

After a resounding success last year, DS Marathon is back (RIP DS Overnight).  We’re doing a 1 mile an hour event, with a DarkSide twist…because…well…DarkSide doesn’t do it the easy way. The end goal is going to be a marathon of distance over the span of 12 hours, with activities to keep us active!

Some activities that we’re planning on doing: cooking food, cornhole, and also…a whole fucking PGH trail!!

Meet at 11am
Review routes, get situated, get ready
Noon: Out and back, the long leg
After that, 1 mile every 30 minutes

PGH hash in the middle

Hash cash: $20 This covers beer, food, games, beer making, etc. Anything left over goes to a charity.

Also, for each mile that you don’t do, you pay $1 extra that we will pay out to the charity, which is World Central Kitchen:

PGH hash event with details:

Hash #2066: PGH-DS Crossover @ Clap and Cockle's House
Apr 15 @ 2:00 pm

In the midst of the DS marathon—a Pgh trail! It’s gonna get fuckin’ weird.

Hares:  DS Mismanagement

So, there we were….drinking beer….discussing DarkSide Marathon.  We had a fun idea…nay, a brilliant idea….NO, a brilliantly stupid and fun idea!  Why don’t we do the PGH hash in the middle of the DS Marathon!?!?!?  Add some spice and variety to things.  Add pure cacophony into the mix.

The details:  DS Marathon is a charity event.  For this part of it, you’ll pay $5

More details to come later.

DS Marathon event details here:

DS #95 – Snatch Rabbit Jousts Jesus
May 19 @ 6:30 pm

Hares: Snatch Rabbit and Jousting with Jesus
What: DS #95
Where: TBD
When: May 19, 2023 at 6:30pm, on out at 7:00pm
Why: To run a longer, harder trail and enjoy the shit out of it!