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Marathon Beer Stop @ Outside Church Brew Works
May 7 @ 9:00 am
Cum and enjoy cheering on all the r*nners at our marathon beer stop! Some of our own will be out there sweating and working way harder than they should, so let’s show them love by bringing them beer!
Be there at 9:00am. If you’re setting up or are planning to drive your car, you will have to get there before they close the roads (which is pretty damn early). We’ll need volunteers who can bring the following stuff:
–2 tables to set out all the beer
–2 canopies, so we’re shaded
–small cups to hand out
–tarp and rope to make a makeshift pee place
–trash bags
–your own camp chair
You can park on the street next to Church Brew Works. But you must get there very early if you are driving! Don’t forget!
Trying to drive will be tough. Here is a story that details road closures. The article has a link for a map of all the closures:
PITT Beer Mile: Spring Edition @ Schenley Oval Sportsplex
May 11 @ 8:00 pm
You can compete as an individual or as a 4-person relay! We’ll be following the official beer mile rules, so your beer has to be at least 5%.
Go to for rules and past results from your fellow hashers!
Everyone brings their own beer. After all, you might want to be extra choosey since you’ll probably taste it going down and coming back up!
If you don’t want to run, come and cheer on the beer-guzzling participants!
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