Hash #1827 Ptear-Her-Dactyl and Plea Barkin’

May 14, 2018 @ 6:30 pm
Knuckleheads Bar
146 Three Degree Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15237


Ptear-Her-Dactyl and Plea Barkin’

Location – Knuckleheads Bar, 146 Three Degree Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Write up – Ptear-Her-Dactyl is not a nice person, for many reasons, among them this shitty trail. For the on-out he has chosen Knuckleheads, a biker bar, when The Hop House with its pinky-pointing-double-IPA’s is literally right across the street. His disdain for humanity will become more and more obvious to you as the night goes on. To end the night on a good note, he intends to wax poetic about the terribleness of Harley Davidsons, sure to win him many new friends.

No hash cash – food is on you. One beer stop is contra. Dog friendly? Well, as long as you are okay with leaving your dog tied up outside by itself in a strange neighborhood that is dark and full of terrors, it is. Or go here, pay money and bring your Emotional Support Animal indoors with you:


P.S. – they are very nice at Knuckleheads, don’t worry.