Hash #1847 The 4 Cocks

October 7, 2018 @ 2:00 pm
Murphy's Tap Room
1106 S Braddock Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Hash #1847 The 4 Cocks @ Murphy's Tap Room | Pittsburgh | Pennsylvania | United States

The Four Cocks

Calling all Cocks!
Calling all Cocks!
Come one, come all to fabulous, continental Regent Square.
Cock-a-Doddle Gu, Any Cock’ll Do, John Handycock, and Cock Smitten have conCOCKted a plan that is highly unlikely to be short, flat, and shiggy free.
Perhaps this shall be the inaugural gathering of the Cocks! Perhaps it will just be another shitty trail. Only one way to be sure.
Trail is dog friendly, Murphy’s not so much. If you want to navigate those logistics, go for it. Like it ever stops you.
No hash cash required, except at Murphy’s. Buy your own beer if you’re in a bar- just like an adult.
Snacks a-plenty, but no dinner at the apres. Remember what we said about being an adult? I’m not your dad. Lots of places to eat in Regent Square. Pick.
Bitching about hashing in Frick Park, again? (Wow, do you ever make assumptions, don’t you?) Call Squirrelio. He’s got a week’s head start on you. (412) 737-2318
Other topics to bitch about? Call someone who cares. There will be marks. There will be beer. What more do you want?
We’re cocks. You’re not. Entertain us with costumes, should you like. We’re already buying you beer. A to A-prime. Circle is not at Murphy’s.
A faster and funnier route is available for Digger. Call Gu @ (412) 657-4898.
Shoes with good tread are strongly suggested.