Hash #1939q – A trail you’ll remember / A trail you wished you could forget!

November 7, 2020 @ 8:00 am – November 8, 2020 @ 5:30 pm

Hash #1939q: “A trail you’ll remember / A trail you wished you could forget!”

Hares: Liquher Cookie, Just Viv and Honeynut Squirrleo
Location: Dormont/Brookline (run start location will be emailed to you)
When: 2 pm Sunday (small pack) or Saturday/Sunday by signing up

It’s a hashing weekend and have we got a trail for you! Spend a day forgetting about politics. Spend a day forgetting about pandemics. Forget, for a day, that your life sucks and that nobody loves you. Liquher Cookie, Just Viv and Honeynut Squirrleo have combined their half minds to present to you “a trail you’ll remember / a trail you wished you could forget”. If you’ve been on a Squirreleo orchestrated trail before, you know what to expect. If not, it’s about time you’ve experienced one. And if that isn’t enough to get excited about, read on, it gets better!

PGH H3 MisManagement has decided to test “Hybrid style of hashing”: hashers will have the option of either running with a small pack (limited to 40 people and with masks required) or signing up for their own time slot.

Sign up for a time slot here: https://forms.gle/fMFuwmDLve7kiXFMA

Check what slots are already filled here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1b5OOp8rJoB-GgiMOD-i7O-Vlt6ApjfnKQOsoU_GYjvw/edit?usp=sharing

If you choose to run with the pack, you’ll still need to sign up to get the run start location: https://forms.gle/5wWo87R8LA2WjvnB8 Pack size is limited to 40. Note that you will be expected to have and to wear your mask (over mouth and nose) at various points. Also: DO NOT SHOW UP IF YOU ARE FEELING SICK. Other notes on our hybrid style hashing rules are below: please read them.

Pre-lubing on Sunday from 1:30 to 2:00 and mask wearing is mandatory when not drinking. Moving on out to trail at 2:00, pee ehm sharp. You’ll be responsible for providing your own beer for the pre-lube, for the two beer stops on trail and for the modified circle (possible naming ceremony) which will take place afterwards. Your hares will have plenty of hand sanitizer on hand (Get it? On hand? Ha ha…) for your sanity and sanitation needs.

Trail Info:
Shiggy Factor: About 95%,

WTF Factor: Huge!

Apres? We’re not quite there yet 🙁

Fido Friendly? Yes, of course! But be sure to bring a leash for that 5% non-shiggy factor.

Dry Bag? Who needs a dry bag! Your muddy, wet socks will keep you nice and cool for the ride home.

For questions regarding trail or thongs, feel free to call Squirreleo — 412-737-2318.

OVERARCHING DETAILS On Hashing with PGH H3 during the Q
Hashing has resumed in a socially distanced way, with trails designed to be safe enough to do on your own (or with a “Quaranteam” you feel safe with) and run locations only available to those who sign up.

Pittsburgh H3 Quarantine Guidelines:

· Hashers can choose to do trail solo, with a Quaranteam (max of 8 people), or with a small pack.

· For Hybrid trails, the pre-lube, beer stops, and circle will be socially distanced (6 feet separation between hashers) and mask wearing is mandatory. If you are not consuming a beverage, your mask will be worn over the nose and mouth.

· Only one warning will be given for hashers who do not adhere to mask rules. A second violation will result in banishment until Covid is cured, or MisMan deems necessary, whichever comes first.

· Refreshments will be offered in a cooler. You will be expected to sanitize your hands before grabbing a beverge, and beer will be a one at a time means of retrieval. No group grabs until this virus is over.

· At this time, stops on hybrid trails will have beer/water only, no food or snacks (unless the hare provides single serving packages. Feel free to bring your own snacks, but by no means are you obligated to share.

· There will be a socially distanced circle with masks mandatory when not drinking. Circle will not have people come up to the RA for their down downs, but rather take one step forward from their position, do their down down, then resume their spot.

· For time slot hashing, only folks who have signed up can add an additional hasher to their slot. Do not attempt to crash someone’s time slot.

· Hashers should obey the normal social distancing rules if they encounter other Hounds on trail: maintain a six foot distance and wear a mask if passing.

· For contact tracing and safety check-in, hashers are expected to check in when starting the trail and finishing the trail, posting on the Facebook event or letting the hare(s) know.

· Beer stops are BYOB.

· Hares will be monitoring who signs up and making sure people are signing in and out to track that everyone has completed the trail safely.

Note that these may change as the situation in the County and Commonwealth changes.