Hash #1972, Nomad H3 Trail by dwarfus interruptus

June 27, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Rookies Bar
3614 Brownsville Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15227
Hey Yinzers. Preteen Protein and dwarfus interruptus will be in and all over you this Sunday, June 27th in Brentwood. we will be driving 4 hours and spending a weekend with you…so you can drive across a fucking bridge or two to Brentwood to fulfill a Sunday masochistic urge. – Hell…some of you may even be able to walk across the Mon for this shit.
Please note different start time since your hares need to get back to their yurts.
Nomad H3 wants to have a mental health awareness yellow dress theme I know yinzers love dresses and hate any thing yellow or gold. So I say fuck the dress and just wear something yellow… I am sure there is an old yellow rag or t-shirt somewhere in your home you keep handy for special crying occasions. For patch whores there may be some patches to buy (I am waiting on details).
We are collecting Hash Cash of $5.00.
this will cover trail beer and probably some down down beers at circle. So bring some money for Prelewd and On After.
We really need to know how many folks are coming so please indicate cumming/foreplaying on one of the two event pages
(The Nomad event, or if you are in the Pittsburgh FB group please mark your attendance in the event there.), and update it as you get more aroused.
Theme: well, minions are yellow, and sorta stupid like yinzers,.. so wear something miniony – but anything yellow in a pinch. If yinz hate the Stehlerz, Bucs, and Pens… Stinko had a really cool yellow shirt a few years back.
A-A, Rookies Bar
Approx 5.69 miles
Shiggy: 5.69, possible PI, puddle jumping, thick underbrush. Shiggy Sox may be a good thing.
there will be prizes earned on trail. so pay attention to chalk talk!
sign in 1:00 pm, probably in the bar.
blessing of the hares 1:25.
on out 1:30.
Circle/On After:
Beverages: After the down down beers are consumed it will be Buy Your Own Beverages.
Food: The bar does not have a license to sell food. There will be very basic snacks provided by the hares. At sign in we will ask you if you want pizza at On After and collect an extra buck or three if you want to eat delivered pizza from Big Guy Pizza (across the street). We will fine tune the cost to you and update.
what to wear/bring:
bug spray & sunscreen
hash cash ($5) and a little more for food.
wear yellow
hugs for the nomad asshats.
there will probably more details coming soon. well, only maybe.