Hash #1974: Liquher Cookie, Slow Ride, & Squirreleo

July 11, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
1214 Cloverfield Dr
Pittsburgh, PA 15227
Who: Liquher Cookie, Slow Ride, Honeynut Squirreleo and you of course.
What: Over the past 16 months we’ve scouted this trail, and scouted this trail, and scouted this trail, and scouted this trail, and scouted this trail, and scouted this trail… Let’s just say that we’ve worked through this trail a lot. What else were we supposed to do since hashing wasn’t hashing back then? So we scouted trail.
And after so much scouting, we weren’t going to release it to a Q-Hash because we felt that this trail deserved to be hashed as a traditional trail — with the comradery of your fellow hashers, beer on trail and a proper après to follow.
While on trail you’ll see waterfalls, experience spectacular views, pass by rusted out cars that you’ll scratch your cranium wondering, “how in the world did this thing get here?” and you may even wrestle a raccoon or two. There will be no ropes provided on this one, you’re just gonna have to embrace the suck. Existential experiences may follow.
We’re 100% sure that you’re gonna LOVE 92% of this trail. The other 8% will be made up to you through shitty beer provided by Squirreleo, a gourmet meal (including, of course, cookies) that Liquher Cookie will whip up and the possibility of a tit flash or two by Slow Ride.
So bring Fido and join us for the kind of shit show that you’d expect from this trio of half-minds. You’ll be glad that you did. I guar-on-on-tee it!
When: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, July 11th. 2:00 Peee Ehm
Why: Because it’s been so fucking long since you’ve had a real, honest to goodness, trail beating. You owe it to yourself and society.
Dry Bag: Depends on the weather. I say, error on the side of caution.
Fido Friendly: Yes, but make sure that you’ve applied FrontLine on your dog. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to apply it to yourself as well.
Baby in a Backpack Friendly: How much do you like your kid? If you’re a Hot MILF with a teeny baby, you can totally shortcut and we’ll put you to work in the kitchen. If you’re an idiot, which is more likely the case, you can follow every false trail till you are drained of Stupid and then fill up the empty part with beer.
Hash Cash: $5 please to offset some of the cost of feeding and beering you. As always, slutty virgins drink for free.
Questions: Call or text Squirreleo 412-737-2318