Hash #1989, Bushsnapper

October 24, 2021 @ 1:00 pm
Pflugh’s Country Market
103 Barrisville Rd
Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Finally, a picturesque Bush Snapper trail in the NE Beaver County countryside featuring trees and shrubs and flowers, and grasses too – the kind that are really tall – like over your h-e-a-d. And run #1989 will lay the foundation for World Peace Through Beer. No domestic swill to be served. Wear your WPTB shirt if you can.

The Oct 24th, 1:00 gathering is at Pflugh’s Country Market, 103 Barrisville Road, Beaver Falls PA 15010. 40.789720038091204, -80.2503961999691
Yay, they’re closed on Sunday, good for us as they’ve been so kind as to let us park there. Boo, they make the best sandwiches in the entire world and you can’t have one unless you’re in the area Monday thru Saturday sometime in the future.

NOTE: Map directions from the Cranberry area might send you on a slow, winding parallel route along Brush Creek and the PA turnpike. It’s interesting enough in the daylight but not a good choice if you don’t have time to burn. Try I-79 to Rt 528 Lindsay Road or Rt 68 Evans City Road and figure it out from there. Otherwise, try I-376 from further west.

Trail does NOT end at the start and there will be about a 1/2 mile walk back to the cars from my backyard as I have limited parking at 448 Concord Church Road, Beaver Falls PA 15010.
If you’re coming late to the ending and you’re important like an RA or something, there’s room for a few cars along my driveway and also along Bruce Drive.
If trail has you beaten to a pulp, I might be able to ferry a few people back to the cars. Phone/Text 713.830.7641

WHAT ABOUT THE TRAIL? As this is being written, there are a few details to work out but the goal is to keep it at about 5 miles. Trail will be mostly flat* (Yeah, flat like any PGH trail, NOT). Imagine the movies Deliverance and Apocalypse Now blended together, Beaver County style!

Dogs? Well, we’re starting out near cows so leashing them there is a must. Later, you’ll be violating some ordinance if they’re off-leash but you won’t likely get caught.

Apres in the backyard, garage or basement depending on the weather. $5 Hash cash is optional. Probably have pizza delivered.