Hash #1996, Goodbye Couch!

December 12, 2021 @ 12:00 pm
Couch Brewery
1351 Washington Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

This is a sentimental hash for some, especially for your HareRaiser! This was the location for Anal Eaze’s very first hash, and now Couch is closing. So let’s get cozy at Couch one last time. Raise your glasses to fond memories, to drag queen bingo, to Lips’ car being towed when she was BeerMeister for PITT, and to the awesomely nice staff at Couch. <3

This one’s gonna be a little different. Pay attention if you haven’t been hashing long!

This will be an A-to-A pick-up trail! Here’s how it will work:

Your HareRaiser, Anal, will make you sign in when you arrive. This means you will write your name on a piece of paper, and that piece of paper will go into a baggy. After everyone has arrived, Anal will draw a piece of paper out of the baggy, maybe two depending on how she feels, and that person will be the hare for that leg of trail. No worries–you’ll get about 10 minutes to look at a map, and Anal can give you ideas on where to go. Your HareRaiser will provide the flour, flour bag, and chalk for trail.

Anal will probably have a bottle of something on trail for impromptu shot quests, but all beer stops will be contra on this trail. There will be a minimum of two contra stops, maybe more… we’ll see how it goes. Circle may or may not be contra. That kinda depends on when we get done. So be prepared with money, your ID, and a mask because some places still require them.

You should probably leave doggos at home since this trail is unscripted and all contra stops.

Questions? Read the description again. It’s all in the write-up.