Hash 2000: Hangover Pick-up Trail

January 9, 2022 @ 12:00 pm
Trace Brewing
4312 Main St
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

COVID UPDATE: As part of the 2000 celebration week, this event requires everyone to be fully vaccinated. You will not be able to attend if you are not vaxxed. The kennels will be sharing vaccination information throughout the week. Thank you!

For the last run in the 2000 week, we’re doing a pick-up trail! Here’s how it will work:

Your HareRaiser, Anal, will make you sign in when you arrive. This means you will write your name on a piece of paper, and that piece of paper will go into a baggy. After everyone has arrived, Anal will draw a piece of paper out of the baggy, maybe two depending on how she feels, and that person will be the hare for that leg of trail. No worries–you’ll get a few minutes to look at a map, and Anal can give you ideas on where to go. Your HareRaiser will provide the flour, flour bags, and chalk for trail.

All beer stops will be contra on this trail, and the hares will be encouraged to look for places that have outdoor space available, if possible. There will be a minimum of two contra stops, maybe more… we’ll see how it goes. Your HareRaiser will share the circle location with the final hare, and they can run us back! We’ll have some PBR and some other offerings at circle.

Be prepared with money, your ID, and a mask because some places still require them.

You should probably leave doggos at home since this trail is unscripted and all contra stops.

Questions? Ask a question in the fb event or email Anal Eaze at pghhareraiser@gmail.com

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