Hash #2032, Another Liquher Squirreleo Cookie Trail

August 21, 2022 @ 2:00 pm
Casa D’ Liquher Cookie
1214 Cloverfield Dr
Pittsburgh, PA 15227
Hash: Another Liquher Squirreleo Cookie Trail, Hash #2032
Your Hares: Liquher Cookie & Honeynut Squirreleo
Where: Casa D’ Liquher Cookie – 1214 Cloverfield Drive, 15227 (trail is A to A)
What: Duh!!! It’s a Liquher Cookie & Squirreleo hash; nuff said.
When: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! August 21st, 2:00 Pee Ehm. You know it… Sunday is the very best day for hashing. It allows you to get things done and out of the way in the afternoon on Saturday and still have enough energy where you can enjoy all of the fun things that this city has to offer on Saturday evenings. Things like festivals, live bands, dance events, hanging out with your non-hashing friends, go out on a date and do something fun with your significant other, etc. Hashing on Sundays leave you with a reason to get to bed early Sunday evening and get up fresh for work the next day. What better way to start your week? Sunday is clearly the superior hashing day!
Why: So you can enjoy adventures in paradise, scenic vistas, beer, food and the kind of comradeship that you won’t find anywhere else. If for no other motive, it’ll give you another reason to love Liquher Cookie and hate Squirreleo. GUAR-ON-ON-TEED.
Hash Cash? NO HASH CASH. We’ll feed you, we’ll beer you, but we won’t bail you out of jail if you do something stupid or pay your medical bills if you fall off a cliff. So bring your credit card just in case.
Fido Friendly? Trail is probably more Fido friendly than human friendly. If your dog is well behaved and sociable, feel free to bring him/her along.
Dry Bag? Never a bad idea. Gloves and bug spray wouldn’t be a bad idea either.
Questions? Call or text Squirreleo: 412-737-2318