Hash #2049, Christmas Carol Hash

December 18, 2022 @ 2:00 pm
The Warehouse Pub and Grill
1731 Murray Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Hares: ABS and London Britches and Cock in a Net

Sally Sitsalot: “Look, honey, there’s carolers outside!!!”
Harry Armondpits: “…see, I told you our decorations would bring cheer!”
Sally: “Oh, how festive. How wonderful… even if it’s off key and out of sync. Bless their hearts.”
Harry: “ummm…babe….did they just sing ‘buttplug’?!?”

It’s that time of year!!! Here we go a-caroling!!!

So, deck the halls and hang your mistletoe,
It’s time to share the magic of the holidays through Pittsburgh, even though there’s no snow!

Enough reindeer games, let’s get to the logistics:
Dress as Santa, the Grinch, or anything festive,
C’mon be fun—don’t be a dipstick.

Whether you’re on the nice or naughty list
One things for sure:
If you don’t join, Yule be sorry you missed this!

You’ll be provided a caroling collection (songbook) at the beginning of trail.