Hash #2065, WMD

April 9, 2023 @ 2:00 pm
WMD’s Place
413 Aleta St
Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Location: 413 Aleta Street, Pgh., 15215

Time: 2PM

It’s Easter! Church in the morning and hashing in the afternoon.

Like Jesus, WMD wants you to be happy. Hence, there will be quality craft beers for your enjoyment. There will also be Miller Lite as WMD wants his followers to be well-hydrated.

Details: Five miles of fun terrain, flashlight required, trail is Fido friendly – just keep Fido outside at the apres, your feet will get wet – bring clean/dry shoes for apres.

Bored? Lonely? Addicted to bad porn? Call Moon.

Need to share deep thoughts? Have life changing questions? Need help finding your wallet to pay your dues? Call WMD. 724-816-0804

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