Hash #2101, Cottage Cheese and Abandon Shit

December 17, 2023 @ 2:00 pm
Dale’s Bar
4373 Murray Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Who is Santaur you ask? Wrong question. WHAT is Santaur? And WHY are you a non-believer?

Santaur is a totally super serial ?h?a?l?f? ?m?a?n? ?h?a?l?f? ?b?e?a?r? ?h?a?l?f? ?p?i?g? half Santa half Centaur being who hails from parts unknown delivering only the most practical of gifts and advice to all who believe! Because we all know that a group of half minds could use some practicality…

There will be a short and definitely not shitty trail, followed by caroling, Santaur games and a special prize! Non-believers and believers alike are encouraged to bring a practical gift for exchange, wrapped in the most practical of fashions. Bonus points if you did not purchase the gift OR the wrapper. Santaur would like to emphasize the word PRACTICAL, as in…DO NOT TRY TO GIVE PEOPLE SHIT THEY CAN’T USE.

Shiggy: 1.69. Wear trail shoes if you think they’re more practical than your runners.
Things to bring: Virgins, whistles (they’re both practical and FUN), vessels, chalk, slippers, and comfy clothes for the on-after.
What to wear: Festive outfits encouraged.

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