Knives In May 1 – The Black Clap – Hash #1962q

April 17, 2021 @ 10:00 am – April 18, 2021 @ 6:30 pm

Knives in May: A Pittsburgh Tradition!

It all started with the coronavirus.  Things shut down. We honed our knives, packed some beer, and headed out to trail…you couldn’t be too careful in those uncertain times!  The great outdoors was still ours to escape to!

Hare: The Black Clap

Where:  Millvale, PA

Details:  Come join us in revisiting where the 1st PQH3 trail went.  It’ll be fun!  It’ll be different!  It’ll be…quarantine style.  Bring a knife!

Link to sign up:

Link to see who’s signed up:

These trails are to revisit some of the PQH3 trails…the ones that were precursors for where we are today. We’re still hashing and celebrating getting this far through a pandemic while maintaining some of our sanity, most of our hashing, and all of us hashing together (separately) as a group! It wasn’t a short road to get to where we are today…it was fraught with questions, analysis, touch decisions, and ultimately: coming together to do what we do best….and that is: HASH!
When the few of us started, we had an idea that we could keep hashing…after a fashion. We knew getting some time outside of the house would be good for everyone in our community. Keeping moving, doing some of the same things we have done for years. Weekends were the time to do it! Staggered timeslots are not fantastic for the shorter weeknights! The idea grew, more hashers joined, and we came together to keep on hashing, quarantine style. Together. As multiple kennels acting as one. As people united by the simple facts: we can hash after a fashion, we WANT to hash, and we want to keep our group together through one of the roughest times we’ve gone through.
Just don’t forget a knife out there!

Note: We are generally recommending that people sign up with a buddy (or your Quaranteam pod) for safety purposes. If you want to participate but don’t have a friend, reach out to the Hares or Pittsburgh MisMan and we’ll do our best to hook you up.


Pittsburgh H3 Quarantine Guidelines:

· If you feel sick, don’t come to the hash, even with a Quaranteam.

· If you’ve been in contact with someone who is COVID positive, don’t come to the hash until it’s clear you don’t have it: either through a negative test result or after 10-14 days of quarantining.

· Hashers can choose to do trail solo or with a Quaranteam, but a trail buddy is recommended. Quaranteams should be a max of 8 people.

· Only folks who have signed up can add an additional hasher to their slot. Do not attempt to crash someone’s time slot.

· Hashers should obey the normal social distancing rules if they encounter other Hounds on trail: maintain a six foot distance and wear a mask if passing.

· For contact tracing and safety check-in, hashers are expected to check in when starting the trail and finishing the trail, posting on the Facebook event or letting the hare(s) know.

· Beer stops are BYOB.

· Hares will be monitoring who signs up and making sure people are signing in and out to track that everyone has completed the trail safely.

Full guidelines are posted here: