PGH #1923 – Hashy Days are Here Again!

July 5, 2020 @ 2:00 pm
Cayuga Shelter - Settlers Cabin Park
Settlers Cabin Park
608 Ridge Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15205

When: 2:00pm meet up, 2:30 on-out
Where: Cayuga Shelter, Settlers Cabin Park, (next to the Settlers Creek Playground)
Hares: ABS, Dirty Gerbil, Rex, and Moon
Hash cash: $0 (BYOE– Bring Your Own Everything, no beer or food provided.)
Apres: Outside, in/around open pavilion, there’s a grill available if you’d like to cook something hot!

It’s a return to hashier times! After a lonnnnnng pandemic-related hiatus the 40-year tradition of weekly PGH-H3 hashes returns! No better way to kick it off than to ALL FOLLOW MOON! Join us for a summery romp in the woods and prepare yourself for possible mudslides (so a dry bag might be wise) and wear clothes that won’t dissolve in water. (Or do!) Trail is doggo and kid-friendly. We have an alcohol permit for the shelter so we can imbibe openly without rankling the rangers. Toss your beverages and snacks in a backpack and get ready for a hash family reunion! If you want to use the grill after trail toss food in a cooler too.

The New ‘Rona Rules

The following Covid-19 guidelines have been agreed upon across all kennels. Can’t follow it? Then you can’t hash. These will be strictly enforced by all Mismanagement.

1) Color Coded Consent System: red, yellow, and green silicon bracelets will be provided by the hash. Whether you want people to stay far far the fuck away (red), are willing to have closer chats with masks (yellow), or desperately want hugs to be a thing again (green); we want this to be clearly communicated so people can avoid problems. You do not know who may be immunocompromised (or may be caring for someone who is) so respect people’s spaces.
2) Masks MUST come on trail. You should wear it in crowded places, circle, or when passing people on trail. You don’t have to wear it all of trail, but you should be prepared to put it on when necessary. No mask/buff/bandanna/face covering, no hash.
3) BEER! Hare’s choice, for this nascent ‘rona trail we are not providing any beer or snacks– BRING YOUR OWN. After trail we will be in/around a covered pavilion with grills– bring food to grill!
4) Trash! Everyone must clean up their own trash. Bring a small bag to carry your trash. If you have a stash of grocery bags, bring some to share to help a friend. Hashers not trashers.
5) Sign-in: All trails will require sign-in and we will ask for phone numbers. This is in case we have to contact trace due to virus exposure. You don’t sign in, you don’t do trail.
6) Outside Only: Starts, stops, and circle will all be outside with plenty of space to spread out.