PITT #244, Plea Barkin’

January 13, 2022 @ 6:30 pm
Mt. Royal Inn
1 Beyrleye Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15223

Where: Mt. Royal Inn, 1 Beyrleye Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15223

When: 6:30pm, On Out at 7:00pm

Is it fair to catch the hare?
Would you grab it, that silly rabbit?
You, fine hound, may run for beer,
but this poor hare runs for fear,
that you may grab my rabbit ears,
and make me chug some down down beers.
And so it is that I must flee,
cuz if you win then woe is me.
So don’t be cross at my misdirection,
Just go back and make a course correction,
and fear not cuz if you can persevere,
then you will get your shitty beer.
Mt. Royal Inn does not take plastic,
so bring some cash and don’t be spastic.
They have a kitchen that might not close,
especially if some virgins lose their clothes.
Glenshaw is where trail lay,
so bring a light, it’s dark not day.
And with this I bid adieu,
if you come to trail…fuck you.